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The Hallelujah of Death – McKana

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The Hallelujah of Death

July 3, 2024 1:07 PM

July 3, 2024

Luke 1:37(KJV)

For with God nothing shall be impossible. 

The title of this short message and testimony is strange. For sure the dream and the revelation is very strange. If I don’t tell this, I will not be doing good service for the good Lord. I have more than sufficient reasons for saying “God is perfectly good’ for our God is very kind, loving and perfectly good. People of God, don’t ever think the Lord is not seeing what we are going through. Trust me, there is nothing hidden from the Lord. As it is written, the Lord sees, the heart, the mind and the work of man throughout the life time of every one.

I am writing this for two clear reasons

  1. For people to trust the Lord with all they are.

  2. For our Faith,

See what the Lord has done and have faith for the Lord is so considerate, kind and loving. First let us see the strange dream which has a strange title, as I have recorded it on time.

The Hallelujah of Death

(Dream-vision of June 25, 2024. ~2:00AM)

I had a terrible dream and I wanted to write at least the time but I was hurting and said to myself, I will not forget this.

In this dream, I feel a huge gush of flood is coming roaring from the north. It came close. I am swallowed by the huge tsunami-like flood. I felt I am going to die. I am happy that I am dyeing. The flood water lifted me up and I see light above the water which opened up over me. I am screaming loud saying Hallelujah, again and again until I woke up of my own shout. It looks and feels I am happy dyeing instead of the pain of life and this sad world. It was a terrible dream and dyeing was a relief for me. That was what I felt. The dream ended before I died, may be I am taken up.

I woke up hurting bad from the attack of the common evil entities, many of them.


The words to watch.

-Under water.

-Lifted up

-The opening from above and the light.

-Death and the hallelujah.

Now, at least the reader has an Idea. The dream became clear as the daylight today July 3rd, 2024.

The short story is, something terrible, bad beyond comprehensions has happened in my life. I carry the pain and the suffering for three decades with no one to understand what I have gone through. I lost practically everything. I am the one who has been “Drinking my life with broken glass.” It was the pain of injustice in every form and kind. One man can’t fight “A system” single handed.

That is why this revelation became a miracle. The Lord who has been watching my pain has been busy lately. Until I say in my mind, how is the Lord going to do this? I know there is nothing impossible to the Lord. Simply, I listened to what the Lord has been telling me, for quit some months. The Lord did the impossible in the mind of man.

The Lord showed me that He is above everything and above the law of man.

You know the term “under water”, he/she is underwater means trouble in life.

The water was drowning me and kept me underneath for years-the trouble.

The Lord took me out of the troubling water and one June 1, 2024 the Lord said “In the coming five days, expect to have your trouble perfected.”

The Lord perfected three decades of trouble to free me from the injustice of the system. The Joy of Hallelujah came from the freedom the Lord brought in my life.

The light above the water was the light of the Lord and the portal of heaven revealed and lifted me up from the underwater.

We say Hallelujah. This is the Lord we worship.

Without going into the details, I think I made my point.

In solving what was hurting me for this Long, the Lord gave me FAITH.

Now, more than ever, I have faith and trust the Lord in every aspect of my life and my forever. This for us!!!

Have Faith and Trust The Lord with all you are. Repent and seek the Lord while He is around.


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