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Trumps Engulfed in Chaos and Enemies – Immanuel Acree

Trumps Engulfed in Chaos and Enemies

Immanuel Acree

Before my sleep, I had gotten so excited about the Rapture that I could not focus, so I prayed for a vision or dream. This is what I then experienced.


I was with a team of unidentified tactical operatives moving through a complex with big columns and extensive stories, on some kind of mission with guns. Next thing I know, they must have been done with their mission as team members seemed to be turning on each other, and they were enjoying it too, I mean leaving people down below like in underground passages and then shooting them as they came up the stairs. This was betrayal. We were pulling the operation out of the area, and I am not sure where to. Obviously these sick-minded people were also thinning their own herd as we went.

Next thing I know, a few of us are standing at an elevator platform with huge concrete pillars, like where a parking garage meets the first floor of an office building, although even these columns were fancier than just an ugly parking garage. A bomb went off with short if any notice, throwing some people off the platform. The columns must have saved me but I wasn’t sure about the others. While recovering from the blast I immediately realized that we were out of time to think or plan!
Beforehand I did not know where we were or who else was in this building, but as this explosion settled I had this urgent compulsion come over me:

I used the elevator, which came by with suit-and-tie businessmen on board and was conveniently already going where I needed to be. I arrived at a wide, magnanimous entrance to Donald Trump’s personal rooms at his office floor. The urgency was nearly tangible at this point; I felt as if helicopters were coming or even the whole building might collapse. Neither Mr. Trump’s facial expression nor any words were a substantial part of this dream because he only did one thing: he passed over to me a small boy and I knew that they were after the kid. I took off down the stairway with the boy riding on my back, somewhat limping and using an improvised cane.
I ended up in the suburbs, hiding desperately from everyone with no plan and no clear destination. The boy was safe at least for now but I doubt the same could be said for Mr. Trump. I suppose he sent his boy off because he knew that he would not escape but I am not sure. Anyone could be a threat though and I felt overly exposed. End of the dream.

God bless you.

Immanuel Acree

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