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Mayday! This is not a test – Birdee


Mayday! This is not a test

May 4, 2024 9:27 AM

Dream sequence 5/4/24

1# Part on a large ship

I see an older woman who had been a lifelong swim instructor quickly grab a set of keys and says something like “I’ve got the codes”.

She runs out of this room on the ship

Next I am near but outside the ship and I see it is tilted at 45 degree angle like it is imminently going to sink- it is night

I feel the alarm of the situation.

Next I see two loved ones floating in the water on their backs waiting to be rescued….

Next I see them on hospital gurneys, they are safe, and were talking to each other.

There is light surrounding them.

This first whole scene I understand is the imminent invasion of the USA, and the people floating are waiting to be rescued- saved by Jesus, we must witness and not give up!

I had another brief scene where I saw people looking for those to be rescued out of the waters but they gave up too soon, the people were still waiting!

We must get out of our comfort zone and love others and share the gospel to not give up!

One of the persons who was rescued out of the water said “There are fires everywhere!”

Part #2

I was in another location, on the east coast of USA. Suddenly I felt vibration, sound, and looked out window and saw a massive orange fiery column going up.

I knew it was a nuke (looked like ground burst). Fallout is going to be a huge issue! Please read up on how to deal with it!

Next someone handed me two young children, one of them needed to nurse.

Please consider getting some formula or ingredients for homemade baby formula to help your neighbors and family in this coming crisis.

If you have something to help feed their child, it will be a blessing to them and open doors to share Jesus!

I saw people showing up at Christians houses looking scared and bewildered, be prepared to minister to their physical and spiritual needs.

World Missionary Press has free tracks and booklets you can order in many different languages, check them out.

Part #3

Another home open for others to gather to PRAY and seek the LORD….

I saw a family member carrying bed rolls which were going to be for people to use for sleeping.

The future is going to cause a lot of displacement and confusion, be prepared.

The lives we live here are not for ourselves, our lives are for the LORD and His Christ! Be seeking His face and wisdom daily, He will show you what you need to do.

We are imminently going to have opportunities to share the Gospel in ways we have never imagined.

Have been reading the Book of Jeremiah…He warned the LORD’s people of the coming invasion, and it happened during his ministry!

Even though, He still proclaimed the message of repenting and turning to the LORD who even in the midst of judgment will have mercy on the soul who seeks Him!

The LORD bless you and encourage you to trust Him, live by faith and not by fear or sight, JESUS CHIRST is LORD!

These things I have spoken to you that in Me you may have peace, in this world you will have tribulation, but take heart I have overcome the world. -Jesus (John 16:33)


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