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2 Dreams: Clone/ Not Let Our Guard Down, the Pope – Liz Lau

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2 Dreams: Clone/ Not Let Our Guard Down, the Pope

May 5, 2024 3:29 PM
Liz Lau

Dream 1 – Clone

In this dream, I had agreed to be cloned so that I could have a sister. I didn’t ask the Lord first. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Strangely the clone was already an adult when I got it. At first it was extremely passive. I forgot that I had left it in the bathroom, and it stayed there all night. If I didn’t make it move, it wouldn’t. At one point I even wondered if I had to bathe it myself.

I spent some time teaching it. It could understand language and was teachable, but it had no innate moral values, and didn’t seem to have its own thoughts.

One night, while I was in bed in the spare room, suddenly it started to think and act on its own and came to sleep beside me. I was creeped out. I had a feeling it was copying me and wanted what I had. I went to my husband’s room and told him that the clone had no soul, and it could turn against me or even kill me to replace me. When I first agreed on having this clone, it never occurred to me that it had no soul, and what the negative consequences might be. I prayed with my husband, and I repented of having this clone, and asked the Lord to cause it to die a natural death.

When I woke up from the dream, I was in the same spot where I talked with my husband, and for a second I thought I really had a clone, but then I remembered I don’t sleep in a spare room in real life. I was so relieved and thankful that it was just a dream.

Dream 2 – Not Let the Guard Down, the Pope

I had this dream the night before the clone dream. I lost my way in another city, spent hours finding my way and ended up in a theme part. It was already dark outside. I called someone who lived in that city, and as soon as I hung up, a stranger handed me a nice, cold drink. I absent-mindedly took a sip, and then remembered I should not accept anything without the Lord’s leading, and so I stopped.

So two nights in a row the dreams were about the need to ask the Lord first for all things, whether big or small, and we’re not to let our guard down during moments of weakness or inattention too, which means it has to become a habit. (Please also read https://444prophecynews.com/from-now-on-liz-lau/)

I also saw the pope in this dream. As I was trying to find street signs to figure out where I was, suddenly the pope appeared out of nowhere and told me to help Satan defeat God! I then realized this was a 3D projection from a giant screen mounted outside a building across the street. It gave the impression that he was looking and talking directly to me, and probably to every person who saw it. He was openly telling people to rebel against God, and didn’t even bother to entice people with false promises. All pretense of serving God was gone.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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