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Trump Won! / Circle Type Explosion – Dylan Jarnagin

Trump Won! / Circle Type Explosion

Dec 12, 2020, 12:20 AM
Dylan Jarnagin

I need to share urgently. I woke up horribly sick yesterday w a virus. I woke up next to my sleeping baby who immediately cries if he wakes up and im not there and I know my 2 year old will wake up crying for me soon and my husband is already at work and I’m trying to figure out how im going to have a stomach virus today and Im sure you guys are having trials as well, so I’m not complaining I just feel like this needs a little back story so I begin to have a panic attack kind of thing which happens alot and I’m shaking horribly bc I feel like I’m frozen cold and my anxiety so I kneel to get more comfortable and im thinking how I’m going to make it through the day even a normal day is almost impossible right now. Then out of NO WHERE all my shaking turns into Holy Spirit shaking and im immediately in an intense vision and im crying i dont get these very often but when I do I KNOW it has to be God bc my mind wasn’t even close to this anyway

I immediately heard Trump won! Trump won! Trump won! Then I see a weird like super advanced weapon I have never seen or heard of or imagined it was like a huge point with a huge circle type explosion energy I dont know what and I heard clearly REBEL ATTACK! I also thought i heard or felt something about 4th of July or new years. Then I saw like night skies and chaos all at night and I saw military like a soldier in dark green and I saw him close up and I heard “in your backyard!!!” I also saw a full moon and it was big then when I looked again it was smaller and far away. Then I saw an old wooden building with a laturn on it that looked like some kind of old court house.

I know all my trials and pain are making me able to hear God clearer than those around me bc they are always happy and they don’t believe anything God is saying so I am beginning to feel grateful for my trails as they have sharpened my hearing and refined me as they are for all of you. God bless you all

I wrote about the circle explosion immediately after Trump won and the word rebel attack. The explosion looked like a giant point with a circle around it exploding. I realized I left out some stuff in a hurry. I saw an giant alien space ship over the white house and I saw the white house and heard white house down. All in the night.

I’m less sure about this next one so take it to prayer but I feel like I have to share I came out of the vision and was praying and wondering and I thought I saw the navy ships sinking before hand.
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