Dream, Trump, Tsunami

Dreams from 12 year old son – Jenny


Dreams from 12 year old son

December 5, 2020 3:15 PM

This dream was from November 26. He dreamt Trump was re-elected. He said that around the same time a bomb went off. He wasn’t sure what city this happened.

The next night the 27th, he said he dreamt that I picked him up early from school. He was in math class at the time(around noon)with his current teacher. We went home and watched the news. They said there was chaos in the West. He went to his bedroom and he said water was coming up through his floor. He said we went to the garage and got on motorbikes and went to the airport. We flew to the Himalayas to get to the highest mountain. We were by ourselves walking around and we saw some friends who are missionaries. He was excited to see them. The end

We live in the Orlando, FL area.


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