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March 13, 2022 8:35 AM
Sammy Omsoh
2 Thess2:11 Therefore God sends a strong delusion,so that they may believe what is false.

On 6th march22 I had this dream-iam at a religious gathering and a certain false minister is praying over people. i see many black ants on the floor and i realise who HE IS,and i run away for him to give me a chase.i end up in a place full of cops.A big man passes near by,everybody is required to salute him,hence i stand still and do the salutation.Iam to leave there and go to another place,but iam told to seek clearance before being allowed to move ahead.The scene in this place looks like the scenes in the old time movie-Escape from sobibor.

On 11th march22 i see many luggages in the open,and there is a light shower,but they are shielded from the rain[the 2nd time i see this since jan22]

On 12thmarch22 I see myself fleeing in the night time,the road and infrastucture is dilapidated.It looks like we are living during the time of the Byzantine Empire Era{the medieval time.}I was hiding from the authorities.

DECEPTION,CONFINEMENT AND TRACKING will be the three triangle sides to control our Life under the Beast system.

Look at these messages:Prophetic warning-Have you been deceived by Elizabeth marie and Non are immune!To the great delusion of the ages by handmaid of the lord.

On 13th march22 I had a dream vision early morning after 5.30am.i saw i was on top of a large tree very tall in height from the ground.From this height,i saw the land below had tilted about 30 degrees on elevation and i heard southern tip of Australia,though i was here in my country.I knew this will affect my country too.In another related scene i found myself in my country standing at a vantage point,near the great rift valley view point.Two gentlemen wanted to see mt Longonot,and somehow the view came into being and i pointed it to them and the dream ended.

Geologists tell us that most land surface on the Earth is wired by continental/tectonic plates below the Earth /sea.From south africa to Australia the separation is the indian ocean.The great rift valley corridor passes thro the northern tip to the southern tip of the continent.Most mountains were created thro volcanicity,faulting and folding according to the geologists.Mt Longonot is a volcanic mountain that is extinct[dormant}
This is what i discerned on waking up:-

Soon there is going to be an Earthquake striking Australia and the shockwaves travelling along this great RIFT VALLEY path.i don,t know if this will be part of the worldwide quake.

When this happens ,mt Longonot,the so called dormant volcanic mountain will Erupt.i don,t know the exact timing,but let,s be on the watch.

NB;I thought i was done with writing articles,when i posted the financiall collapse,but since then the lord added three more messages and i wanted to be obedient. [including this].However i strongly feel to log out.

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