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To The Foolish Virgins – Ricky Wade

To The Foolish Virgins

Aug 4, 2019, 12:49 PM
Ricky Wade

I saw this leaf on the road this morning during my walk. There are many beautiful leaves scattered along the road where I walk in the mountains (full leaves, colorful leaves,…Etc.) but this leaf the Ruach Kodesh said, “Pick it up and write what I will give you.” Here is what He said: “Those that are not FULLY COVERED in the Full Armour of YAHweh as the 5 WISE VIRGINS, Shall be riddled with Death & Destruction that I AM about to bring on the earth in JUDGEMENT (Pestilences, Famine, War, Deception, & Plagues). Though these saints are Born Again thru The BLOOD OF YAHshua & have received Eternal Life, they have functioned beneath the privilege given them as sons & daughters by allowing their flesh/senses to CONTROL them IN A WICKED HEART OF UNBELIEF! As my chosen Nation Israel did when I brought them FORTH out of bondage fom Egypt with GREAT Substance but whom they perished in the Wilderness of Religion/Desert, so shall these of mine need to have these mindsets of bondage CUT-OFF in the earth prior to INHERITING THE FULLNESS OF MY ETERNAL PROMISE. Declare & Decree what I (Ruach HA Kodesh) have given you this day 8/4/2019 for this is the WAY, Walk ye IN IT!!! SELAH

Peace Out
little ricky wade
servant of YHVH

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  1. Graham

    Why do you think alot of so called believers have an aversion to calling the creator and his son by the true names

  2. Graham

    hello why do you think alot of believers have an aversion to the true names

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