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To The Foolish Virgins – Ricky Wade

To The Foolish Virgins

Aug 4, 2019, 12:49 PM
Ricky Wade

I saw this leaf on the road this morning during my walk. There are many beautiful leaves scattered along the road where I walk in the mountains (full leaves, colorful leaves,…Etc.) but this leaf the Ruach Kodesh said, “Pick it up and write what I will give you.” Here is what He said: “Those that are not FULLY COVERED in the Full Armour of YAHweh as the 5 WISE VIRGINS, Shall be riddled with Death & Destruction that I AM about to bring on the earth in JUDGEMENT (Pestilences, Famine, War, Deception, & Plagues). Though these saints are Born Again thru The BLOOD OF YAHshua & have received Eternal Life, they have functioned beneath the privilege given them as sons & daughters by allowing their flesh/senses to CONTROL them IN A WICKED HEART OF UNBELIEF! As my chosen Nation Israel did when I brought them FORTH out of bondage fom Egypt with GREAT Substance but whom they perished in the Wilderness of Religion/Desert, so shall these of mine need to have these mindsets of bondage CUT-OFF in the earth prior to INHERITING THE FULLNESS OF MY ETERNAL PROMISE. Declare & Decree what I (Ruach HA Kodesh) have given you this day 8/4/2019 for this is the WAY, Walk ye IN IT!!! SELAH

Peace Out
little ricky wade
servant of YHVH

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