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Time is up America – Charity Ariola

Time is up America

Jun 6, 2019, 5:43 PM
Charity Ariola
To my prophecy 444 family – you’re in my prayers and my heart! This word came on May 22, 2019 I am to release it now

2 chronicles 7:14

My daughter write this down:
As 70 years comes to a close for Israel the age of Grace comes to an end. A new age begins, the age of deception. The evil one will take his place, he will take the stage.
Is your house in order? Are your eyes on me?
I have been quiet as this time has grown closer for those of my children but I have been quiet with it is to try you in the spirit to just stand. Trial by fire is coming, America are you ready? World are you ready?
I have given my sleeping church many warnings but they do not want to hear, they will not heed the voices of my watchmen, my handmaidens, of my profits, and of my prophetess.
They say war will never come to American soil but I, the Lord God say: never has come!
REPENT – for my judgements comes quickly!!
As the great day approaches all will know who are mine and who are not. Wake up oh sleeper for you have grown FAT on the delicacies of this world you have grown lazy, arrogant, and prideful.
Oh, America, if you were only humble yourselves as Nineveh did I would spare you, but you harden your hearts with every message my people speak. I have said prepare and you have said we have plenty of time, I say TIMES UP!
It is time to avenge the blood of all my children, the innocent you have slaughtered over the years. My angels are in position awaiting my voice to begin issuing you your judgments. The whole earth will feel them if you would have only sought my face while there was time.
 My heart is broken over all that is to come. To my children that have ministered to me during these very tough times, I am so grateful for each one of you. You bring me joy and your love for me eases my pain.
What a loving parent wants to see their children hurt? I do not, but it is midnight!!
Hold on to me dear ones I am coming SOON!!
Charity Ariola – Modern Day Hosea

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