This world is being literally ravished by the enemy – Terri Hennessey


This world is being literally ravished by the enemy

November 18, 2021 2:26 PM
Terri Hennessey
I have included 2 separate links to the documentaries "The Fall of the Cabal" and “The Fall of the Cabal: The Sequel”. Though some of the content in these documentaries are not easy to watch, they are true. Truth I can personally testify to, as they are literally a well-done package of all the research I too myself have done over the past 10+ years. Piece by piece, I researched and came across the truth of all Janet has documented. It’s daunting to see all I have come to know and believe over the years, (all those pieces) be put together as one big fat pill to swallow, nevertheless, for those unaware of these truths, it's time to know it as it will place a new fire and passion within you to pray and warfare harder than you have ever done before. The parts that are not easy to watch…what helped me, was imagining if any of what I was seeing was happening to anyone I loved. What if it was your child, your sister or brother, or even your mother these things were happening to? It will light a fresh fire, to stand up to the enemy in spiritual warfare, for as God has said in his word, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness in High Places. These documentaries uncover the agenda of the enemy and will open the eyes of those who are willing to see and provide us specifics to those things we can and must come against in our spiritual warfare and prayer life.

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

After watching again, the documentary, “The Fall of the Cabal”, (I believe it’s quite possible for our minds to want to repress the disturbing things we see, as I had forgotten just how overwhelming this is when presented in one big package like this) I cried out to the Lord and began ministering to Him as I suddenly felt incredible compassion toward His heart for the pain and suffering He must see, hear and feel. We (humans) can choose to close our eyes, our ears and even our hearts and I know some do, as they will look at this and say they don’t care, but my heart felt overwhelmed for God and His heart. He helped me (many years ago) to understand that as Good as God is, on the other side of that spectrum is how evil satan is. If you know God and His love, wrap your mind around just how evil satan must be if he is literally the mirror opposite of God. The first message from yesterday was given during my time with Him after watching The Fall of the Cabal. After my time with the Lord and recording the message, I began watching the Sequel which I had never seen before, and I highly recommend watching both the original and the sequel as this is the true world and must be known and received into our minds and hearts so that we can rise up in the Lord’s strength as the Lord intends for us. The 2nd message was given to me this morning after a time of praising the Lord. He is so truly worthy. God bless you and I pray this enlightening but difficult to watch information will light a new fire in your bones, just as it has for me.

Teri H


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The Fall of the Cabal: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kNS1mw1jmjpt/

The Sequel: https://www.redpilldocumentaries.com/fallofthecabal/


Nov 17, 2021

Daughter write My words,

My child, you’ve received but a taste of what I must witness, feel, and am exposed to every minute of everyday. It can often become an unbearable heartache and is why My loving Bride means so much to Me. This world is being literally ravished by the enemy and yet they don’t call out to Me. My Bride is My consolation and My sweet harmony that overpowers and drowns out the sounds of terror and screams coming from My children who do not know that I AM their Father and saving grace. It’s important and good to declare My blood over all you can and to be able to be as specific as you can, as you can help alleviate some of their pain, but even more, to pray for their salvation, as once they have received Me as their Lord, satan no longer has permissible access to them. This is why salvation matters so much because it takes the legal right from satan and gives their soul to Me which comes with protection. Until they are saved, there is little I can do for them. Not because I AM not powerful enough, but because satan has legal right to them so long as they are not under the blood. So put them under the blood as much as possible until they are saved, and this will alleviate some of their anguish in the meantime. Daughter, do you see now why I need intercessors and prayer warriors praying continuously? I need them around the clock 24/7 for they can put a good dent of damage into the enemy’s agenda by praying nonstop. Warfare is a much needed weapon in the arsenal of My people. You need to come in and stand in an offensive position and come against and bring down their agendas and exterminate their plans. Don’t stop praying! EVER!! Thank you My brave warriors for fighting such evil. One day very soon…. PEACE!!




Nov 18, 2021

Daughter write,

My heart is for My children. For the righteous and the unrighteous alike, for they are ALL Mine. All the earth is Mine and all who dwell and carry the Spirit of the Living God. Yes, those who don’t know Me, even they carry My Spirit. It is when they are saved that they begin to recognize that I have always been there, always been working through and in them. If I hadn’t, they would never be able to be saved. But it is My Spirit in them that opens their eyes to the truth. For some it may take a lifetime, for others, they only need but a nudge in the right direction. Either way, they are Mine and their soul belongs to their Father. The role of My Remnant is to be that nudge in the right direction for the Spirit within them will recognize the Spirit within My Remnant and even though their flesh, the world and the enemy will do it’s very best to fight it off, the Spirit of the Living God within them will shine brighter and will compel them to go against everything the intellect is telling them. Their eyes only need be opened, and they will surrender it all to the one who can save them from the snare of the fowler. My Remnant, your light shines bright so those in darkness can find their way back to Me. I AM their Father as I AM your Father. Love them all, for they are your Brethren.

Your Father of ALL Creation

Your Maker and Creator of the Just and Unjust Alike



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