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This is there game plan! – Erik Espinoza

This is there game plan!

Feb 27, 2020 5:47 PM
Erik Espinoza
Received this message 1 day ago, while waking up in prayer I began to receive this below. Glory to God!  I’am Nothing..
Began to write on my phone the following:

Coronavirus Virus! All is being strategized by the Luciferian Elites of the world. To depopulate the people. This man made virus was made to infect the people in order to cause panic amongst civilization. In order to create a system of control vaccination. In order to control and cause order amongst the people, in getting the mark of the beast. The necessity that it will be and how beneficial it will be to humanity that you will comply with there new government. 

This man of authority know what they are doing. For they are responsible for millions of deaths. That is including Aids, Ebola,HIV, Diabetes’s , High Cholesterol, this whole Kobe Bryant incident was a orchestrated hoax to keep the world sound asleep, to the world coming events. 

This is there game plan! To establish there one world world government , and to rule with there leader the antichrist! Who will terminate all who will come against there regime. As he will declare himself to be god, millions upon millions will be lost and deceived by this man which will come into the scene for a short time! To test the people’s hearts! He will look to take as many down with him to the dark pits of hell. As his last run to deceive humanity. 

Will I find faith on the earth son of man? Before my return? All will seem lost and hopeless, for my people. With no place to run or hide,  They will be caught by there camps! Where many children will be separated from there loved ones. Family members will be torn apart like a sheet of paper and will be a free for all to take for captivity. Your family members will be tried and tested like no other, as many will be so frightened to give up there own life for the sake of the gospel they will give up there own children in order to save there own lives . For whosoever will lose there life in this life will gain it , and he who loves his life in these life will lose it. Iam weeping son of man for many I say unto you are not ready to endure such hardships. Many pastors, who taught by the flesh will be in shock when they see the coming trials on the church. For many were aware of what was to come but choose to sleep and relax! As a man who lays back in his couch slothful, laying waste without a care in the world of the world events. Expecting to escape tribulation they fell asleep!! Woe unto you man in the pulpit who did not endure sound doctrine but fed my people baby milk, like an unborn infant who just came out from the womb! You will be afraid and will not stand when the people you very much deceive will come after to you like dogs ready to devour you!! Judgement has come!!! And it shall begin in my House Thus Saith The Lord. Weep, mourn, scream, and shout for my people son of man go stand in the gate and proclaim the coming judgement upon the church of America! Declare to them to keep their garments clean without spot or blemish lest I come and smite thee!!

Many hardships are about to arrive in the next upcoming election, for an assassination ( trump being taken out )  will occur far worst than the  assassination of John f Kennedy .

This will Begin of America’s downfall. A division on the land will occur!!!! 

Scriptures References:

Luke 18:8

Revelation 13:16-17

1 Peter 4:17

Luke 9:24

1 Timothy 4:4. 

Matthew 24 


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