This is a word to you young men, all male children, all fathers to read to your sons Now – Only A Grain A Sand

A Word From Leviticus Chapter 18 & A Message From The Father Plus Two Notes He Wanted To Qualify His Word & Message By Only A Grain A Sand

“Thous shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination”

Message From The Father:
This is a word to you young men, all male children, all fathers to read to your sons Now.

A plague of filth is covering the land, entering in your eyes, affecting your gestures, thoughts, feelings, actions, words, to kill your souls and destroy your purity. The evil ones are trying to entice you to foul your God given manhood by increments.

1. Masturbation is a mortal sin that must be repented off or I can not allow you to come to My Heaven son. It will send you to Hell forever. Your body is a Temple of The Holy Spirit. Keep you house (body) clean! If the evil one sends you thoughts or desires for another of your own sex, reject it and send it to the foot of the Cross of The Lord Jesus Christ, right-away. Ask Jesus to heal you of all the sick movements of life. Then thank Him. It is a temptation from the evil one. Fight to save your body & soul & purity, for I The Lord God made you to be a man-child, a son of The Most High God. A Warrior for your God in the coming battles between My enemy, his minions and My Son Jesus Christ The Messiah.

Jesus did not sin, ask Him to help you stay pure in thoughts, words & deeds. Do Not Listen to the World: (teachers, government, media, friends, neighbors, books, magazines, TV, music & movie stars, internet). For They Only Want To Destroy You.

I can not accept any male human child I created that uses his body in lust with another of his own kind, in My Eternal Heavenly home.

2. There is no gay gene, I do not make any mistakes when I created them man & woman. It is a lie from the pit of Hell.

3. Your biological form when born is My Gift to you. Do Not Destroy it or change it to the opposite sex. This is an abomination and will send all who promote this heinous crime to Hell forever. You must Repent of this now if you have fallen into this pit of Hell.

My son, I God The Father, I love you, I ask you to have pity on your self, on your life on your own flesh on your soul & stay pure, simple, stay male & heterosexual.
Your Father in Heaven, Your Creator, Your Savior

Note #1
The Sixth Commandment
“Thou shalt not commit adultery.”
(The following is taken from an old book on the faith.)
1. “By this Commandment are forbidden all immodest acts, words and looks, and generally everything that tends to impurity.
2. The sin of impurity is one strictly to be avoided, firstly, because more than any other sin, it destroys in our souls the likeness of God to which we have been created, by bringing us down to the level of beasts, and which are the members of Christ and temples of the Holy Spirit.”

Note #2
(A note The Father requested as a clarification of the Sixth Commandment.)
Do not try and fool yourself by self-deception. Do not think the Sixth Commandment is only addressing adultery, between married men & women. Your body is a Temple of The Holy Spirit, created by God Himself, Jesus is your Bridegroom, so your body is holy in the sight of God when it is pure and without sin. Any sexual impurity is adultery against God Himself. It must be repented of!

Only A Grain Of Sand

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  1. Karen Cooper

    God created them too and your right he don’t make mistakes. I’m pretty sure when Yahushua said love your neighbors he meant all of them. Hope your plucking that beam from your own eye.

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