Thin Ice! – Benjamin Faircloth

Thin Ice! – Benjamin Faircloth


“America you have fallen into a trap! The bait of satan has been laid and you have partaken of his poison! What will you do when your house of cards falls all around you? Who will you call to rescue you from your desperate hour of need? Your friends will flee from your distress and your enemies will flock to you, because you have rejected My plans for you! Where are you America? Where is the Grace that once surrounded your nakedness? It is gone because you have forsaken TRUTH! You are a nation of liars and thieves, wanting more but satisfying less! You are broken but you can’t see it, your naked but you can’t feel it. Comfortably numb in your paralyzed state of denial! What shall I do to a nation that has fallen away from Me? Remember Lot’ wife!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 17)

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