“Thick darkness will overtake this world in a moment” – Joanie Stahl

Joanie Stahl

July 10, 2018

It has been a long time since I have heard anything from the Lord. Perhaps over what seems like a year. Because I regard Him with all of my heart, I feel that when and if He does speak to me, it is because He has something He feels personally that He wants to share.

I let God be God. I go about my daily life, but always my mind is on Him. This is how we wait on the Lord. If you spend much time with Him, then in essence, you are spending time in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You are very near to His throne. You see, the closer you get to Him, the easier it is to hear Him speak.

When you move far away from someone who is talking, the further away you go, the less and less you can hear anything, until at last, you hear nothing at all anymore. This is prayer, and this is how you abide in Christ. There is no other life but His in yours and yours in His.

Forty eight hours ago as I sat in the darkness of the earliest morning in prayer, waiting, meditating on Him. My heart musing on Him, I felt the presence of the Lord in a thick and beautiful way. You see, there are many times when the presence of the Lord moves towards me, it is different. As we have different moods, so does He.

As I sat there, the whole room filled up with His beautiful presence and I was aware that He had something He wanted to tell me. Something He wanted to share with me. I bowed my head and responded to Him, I told Him that I was waiting and listening.

I feel compelled before I tell you what He said, to share with you that His presence was rich in overwhelming, other worldly love. Incomprehensible love, a great and mighty love so rich and deep, I felt like Ezekiel in that part where he spoke about the river of God, how he stepped into it slowly and more and more, until “they were waters to swim in.”

That love remained for hours before He began to speak to me, and I know as I write this, that this is what He wants you to know. That love felt tangible, not like our love we have as a deep and great feeling, this felt like potent ointment that I enveloped me, and went through me and I could only remain in it and loved it so much.

The sun began to rise after two hours, and the increase of that love began to fill my whole house. I felt in my spirit, that I was in the other world while here. I could feel the eternity of that love. As I went about my day, making beds, washing dishes, He began to speak. This went on for 48 hours.

I think now that the reason He wanted to bathe me in the power of His love, was because He knew I would tell you, and that He wants everyone to know how much He loves them, which was necessary, and important to Him in light of what He would say.

The next thing He began to mightily impress upon me was that there is something coming, something that I could discern is going to cause this earth reel to and fro. I could not shake it, in fact it only increased exponentially as the hours went on.

Earlier that day I saw a horrible video of people mocking God, with hard, brazen faces. I kept seeing these faces in my mind and then that is when He began to speak.

Word from Heaven:

Do you see their faces? Do you see the brazeness of their faces? In one moment, what is coming will turn their faces into paleness, and into blackness. They will have confusion of face. Confusion will fill this entire world and only mass confusion will be upon all people and they will not be able to recover from it.

What is coming will be felt in every part of the world, and instead of brazeness of face, will be terror of confusion, and a thick darkness will overtake this world in a moment. This time that you are in is a small period of grace I am giving you, the same grace I gave to those before the flood. I gave them seven days of grace to repent. But it all fell on deaf ears, and few were saved. Remember My words. “Yet seven days and I will flood the earth.”

I always give everyone a chance to return to Me before I render a judgment. This is a small space to repent and be saved, for the sinners and double minded to wash their hands. This is My last call. Though many will reject what I am saying. Nevertheless, this is the time where you are at.

Remember the 10 Virgins.

They all slept because the time was long, but the moment came when “there was a cry made, Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet Him.” All of the Virgins, both foolish and wise arose and trimmed their lamps. Half were prepared and the other half took it for granted that they were.

I want you to see one thing. They all went “out.” The Bridegroom did not come at that instant, He was only on His way. There was knowledge of that fact. They were all in a distinct place of knowledge direct from the Bridegroom’s source, that He was on His way.

The Five Foolish demanded, not asked, for oil from the Five Wise because this revealed they had no love for Him, no value. This moment of time between the Five Foolish and the Five Wise was a small space of time where it was revealed who were His and who were not His.

This is what I am doing. I am making it evident who is Mine and who is not. This is a short period of grace, is the same that I gave to those alive before I flooded the earth.

The Bridegroom came and took all those “that were ready,” with Him and the door was shut. That is what is coming. I am coming back again, and there is a short time and space.” This short space of time is what is the defining time of the true Bride who lives for Me and waits for Me even in their sleep because in heart and spirit they are the truly born again. Their bodies may be tired, but in spirit they are wide awake.


What I know I am hearing is this. That He knows what is coming is going to be devastating to this whole world. I can see in my spirit that He is going about separating the wheat from the chaff, the wheat from the tares now, like “searching Jerusalem with candlesticks.” He is making distinction “between those who serve Him and those who do not.”

He is going from person to person drawing them away from this world in spirit. He is dividing the children of night from the Children of the day. He is causing those that are truly His to have no care any longer about this world, and everyone is now feeling a readiness, an intense, ever increasing, heart palpitating excitement that overlaps this decaying world.

Many can feel that Day is coming, and it is nearer than ever before. They can feel Me coming. They are feeling right. The earth, and things they have delighted in before is becoming dimmer and dimmer as My Day approaches. He is placing within them a supernatural powerful joy with expectation of His return, and everything in this world pales in comparison and has no weight.
And the closer we get to that day, the more intense that great power of joy will kill off all attachments to this world, and only a looking up to heaven with pure thrill.

The cares of this life though getting harder, will be overwhelmed with His power to trust in Him to take care of everything they care about. The perpetual power and threats of the enemy they will only “look upon him narrowly and say is this him who made the earth to tremble and did shake kingdoms, that made the world a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; and opened not the house of his prisoners!”

Yes what the Lord is doing now is gathering up His worthies, and preparing them for what is coming.

What He is doing is much like what He had Joshua do when he went up and down the camp and told everyone to prepare, because in three days they were going to pass over the river Jordan into their inheritance.

None had ever been there before, but they prepared, and went over the river dryshod, they and all their families. This is what Jesus is doing. I can see in my spirit that Jesus is getting ready to receive us. He has waited long.

Those that are here will in an instant be filled with a dark, coldness, and loss in one day. I can say that there is what I am sensing a heavy rocking of this world. The Lord is showing me that all the governments of this world are rotten, powerless and already in confusion, and ready to be overthrown by His Kingdom soon to be established when He makes all things new.

I had a dream not long ago where I saw myself walking along a little dirt path with a man dressed in white robes, beautiful to look at. We were in the country. I stopped because I saw in front of me a huge grassy field, and workers. The workers were all men and they were dressed in white shirts, sleeves rolled up. I saw huge round bails of what looked like grass.

The men were working hard to make the bails, I know because I stood there and watched them for a little while. I then asked the man that was with me what they were doing? He answered,
“They are harvesters of the grass of the field, and those big bails of grass are the people being gathered.” I watched at how hard these “other worldly” men were working.

And I knew as I watched that they were angels, and that what I was being shown was near to come.’

The Lord Jesus Christ is so near now, that each and every second of our lives is critical in how we live them. Take each second seriously. Because when He does come, which is what He is telling me, it will happen so suddenly, so fast, there will be no more time left. When the door is shut, this small grace period will abruptly end and all faces will turn into paleness and darkness that remain.

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