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July 21, 2021 1:28 PM
Pastor Jose David
El Salvador

This is Pastor Jose David from the country of El Salvador in Central America.

This morning a 3:36 a.m. I woke up from a revelation the LORD JESUS gave me.

I saw a meeting of important men in the world and they approved a law and one of those laws was to make mandatory the (V) for the C-D19, otherwise nobody could go into banks, supermarkets or hospitals, people had without the (V) had no right to medical attention and the people had to accept their laws, they also spoke about creating manipulated weather manipulated (H.A.R.P.) using advanced technology to create storms, rain, earthquakes and psunamies using a machine, these men were approximately 10 in number (Revelation 17:12-13), these men were billionaires, they signed a book of agreements that prohibited to speak about GOD on the streets or the parks, etc. I saw that they were going to close down many churches if they did not submit to the law, then I exited that place, and

I saw a man that said to me that these things would soon take place, they are preparing everything for the new world order, they treaties and laws are ready to make illegal the preaching of the Gospel on the streets and public places, and temples, and whoever is not in agreement with their laws, this will take place before the antichrist reveals himself to the world, they are preparing everything to give room to the antichrist, then he said to me “tell them not to allow themselves to be deceived because soon I will return, when they least expect it that is when I will come, look at what will happen: suddenly I saw some ufo aircraft of various shapes and sizes like omnis, and he said to me: these are demons and they will allow themselves to be seen with the natural eye, they will deceive many saying that they have come to help humanity and they will tell people not to fear them, they will say that they have come to help the environment, but they are demons and they will do whatever they want, this will take place, soon you will all see the signs spoken of in my WORD, prepare your hearts and your gowns with no sin or stains, many pestilences and strange sicknesses will come such as you have never seen before, start to weep and to pray for the whole world because these are hard times as women in labor pains, there will be many, many dead people, so many that they will not know what to do with the dead corpses in the entire world, the spirit of death is already in action exactly as it is written in my word (Revelations 6:7-8), as it is written in my world, everything will pass away, but my word will never cease to be, my world will always be fulfilled because I am that I am and outside of me there is no salvation, shalom, shalom the LORD JESUS said to me.



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