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There seemed to be NO ESCAPE!!! – Marty Breeden

There seemed to be NO ESCAPE!!!

Oct 20, 2019
Marty Breeden

I haven’t mentioned this, but a few nights ago I had a very troubling dream.
(October 16, 2019)

I was actually in my own home town where I grew up and in my neighborhood.
I remember hearing something on the news that something bad had taken place in our area, and EVERYONE needed to be quickly evacuated!!!

Now in the dream I was an adult and I got into this bus.
This bus was not a school bus, it was white bus and the people gathering on this bus seemed to be other people from my neighborhood, but I didn’t even know one of them ….they were all strangers to me.

Many of them even “seemed” to be family men and women.

But what was really odd was, once the bus door was closed and everyone was inside ..ALL the strangers begin to speak in Russian!!

I knew then, that those people who had moved into my hometown, my childhood neighborhood, where NOT AT ALL who they had appeared to be!!

Even though they had lived there for a long time, and had assimilated among the people… but they were in fact “plants” they were “cell” groups!!
They were there waiting for this exact moment!
I remember trying to get off the bus but there seemed to be NO ESCAPE!!!

I awoke….

My friends I do believe this dream is in fact a reality waiting to be implemented at the right moment.

We have been infiltrated, not just in the highest places in our government and we have, but also in our cities and even in our rural areas. There have been people moving among Us who ARE NOT as they seem and at the right point in time, those same people may well turn on us because they were here for an express purpose, and that purpose was INVASION !

So I say this dream is a warning!!
If you suddenly hear news that a particular area needs to be “evacuated”.. be very careful where you allow yourself to go, to travel with, and even if you should leave AT ALL!!
Take this to the Lord and pray about it.

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  1. Edith

    Finally, the 1977 TELEFON movie with Charles Bronson, was not so far from the truth. It seems a hidden warning to people in North America what could happen in the future. For the younger generation who never heard of this movie, here is the trailer 2min34): https://youtu.be/6m6RT5BLaZ4
    Somebody knew about this and tried the best they could to let the people learn about it.

  2. Kevin M.

    I would not exaggerate the reality of this dream. I don’t believe there are millions of “plants” all over the country, except maybe some Muslims. Your greatest enemy is your fellow Americans. Most of them are not loyal to any principle but their own survival in the moment. People obey the law as long as they see a functional government which benefits them overall. If anarchy comes, then normally law abiding people will turn on each other overnight. It is in this sense that I think the dream speaks of becoming foreigners to each other. Until then, we must not go around spreading fear and mistrust of each other, or we are just playing into the enemies plans.

  3. Marc Naples

    Over the past 8 years, I’ve met Russian men often, without family members, just able body mature in age…why I felt the need to talk with them, I don’t know??
    Here’s two examples, First was at the market, a bull of a man was looking at the farm grown salmon, I was looking at the wild, and said don’t eat that …dyes are used to make it red…he said so what, I said your from Russia.. So you must know Putin doesn’t like GMO etc in his Russian markets?
    Smiles and quiet surprised but agreement …
    Another time a group of men all looked Russian parked near the lake and all came looking , walking around the area, I said hello, they were surprised and wanted to go, but I said are you all from Russia, yes just looking to buy a cabin in the woods…asking about the bears and hunting, then I said to the leader a older man that America is going to fall, he started to walk away fast.
    Amen Lord Jesus (the), Christ.

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