Their blood will be on our hands! – Ken Roberts

Their blood will be on our hands! – Ken Roberts

On Friday 11/2/18 just after 4am, the Father woke me with these words, “These are only the beginning of the birth pangs.”

I was going to inquire, but didn’t have to. He explained to me that MANY of the people in the caravan are INNOCENT. If we as a nation slaughter or imprison these people unjustly, He WILL HOLD US RESPONSIBLE! Their blood will be on our hands!

I was told to pray for the safety of the caravan and it was impressed upon me to pray for our troops to make the right decisions and not to unnecessarily harm or imprison these people.

I understand this is controversial and I don’t condone open borders, but the golden rule applies here and HE WILL HOLD US RESPONSIBLE!

Please take this to the Lord in prayer and seek out the Holy Spirit for yourself. If you’re looking for a sign of our judgment, look no further than the border.

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