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The White Horse and Angel Army/Coming Earthquake to Europe and Russia – Sharlene Reimer

The White Horse and Angel Army/Coming Earthquake to Europe and Russia

Vision #274 Mar 23/21 Tues evg

March 25, 2021 6:14 PM
Sharlene Reimer

I was worshiping and praising the Lord in the Throne room. Today’s worship was different. I walked into the Throne room with my angel and Jesus stood before us very tall in His white Light brilliance. He was standing on the area where His Mercy Seat is or Throne sets on. I worshiped Him and blessed Him. I then went to pray at the foot of the steps which leads to the Mercy Seat. I was weeping as I was praying. There are so many to pray for; so many lost, the condition of the church, so many being deceived; non Believers and even Believers -especially regarding the vaccinations. There are so many lies being believed. I was overwhelmed with it all. Sigh.

My head was down. I heard a voice say: “Look up.” I looked up and there, close to my face, was the nose of a horse! I heard it snort. It nudged my head carefully. I got on my knees before it and stroked its face. It was white. I saw the reins and then got up and saw the angel in armour sitting on top of this horse. Then I looked behind him and saw a few more angels on horses but also a host of angels standing behind them yet. It was so encouraging. Jesus stood on my right and was regular size. Then a white horse, led by an angel, was brought to me. I was told to get up on it. I saw myself mount the horse and then I was myself seated on it. I asked the name of the horse and I heard: “Perseverance.” I saw before me clouds and as they moved, I had glimpses of the earth below. Jesus spoke to me and said: “You will be a spiritual leader in your church and community. You have gone to battle for them in prayer and We have heard your prayers and pleas. You are not alone.” I was a bit dumbfounded and asked if this army was meant for President Trump or my church? ( I have been faithfully praying for President Trump too) Jesus said: “They are for your church, daughter.” He went on to say: “I am going to change My church and make it complete. Yes, there will be upheaval but it must happen as I will make My church My bride. Your prayers, beloved daughter, will be answered. Soon satan will be crushed under your feet.” Thank you Jesus! I will continue to pray.

Suddenly I was off my horse and falling through the clouds and sky towards the earth and yet I felt no fear. My eagle showed up and I was then seated on him and I then began to proclaim Ps 91. We were just above evergreen tree tops and the tips of them occasionally brushed the eagles feet. To my right was a wall of rock that of a mountain. We continued to go down. I stood on the ground looking at water falling gently or trickling in some places down the rock wall and into a small stream next to me. The forest was on my left, the stream or river in between and the mountain on my right. My eagle stood further down from me. God showed up as a lion and looked like Aslan. He was standing on my far right near the river’s edge. Suddenly He became super large, opened His mouth and roared a deafening sound. I shook. I think everything shook! Then there was silence for a brief moment as everything became still. I then heard cracking which got louder. Then rocks began to fall before me and the ground began to violently shake. It was splitting open and heaving. My eagle came and we went up to view what was occurring. The land split and heaved like a domino. Part of the mountain to my right began to collapse. I asked Jesus if this was because of an earthquake and He replied: “Yes, daughter.” I asked what was going on and He reminded me to ask questions. So I asked if it occurs in North America? “No.” China? “No” Russia? “Yes. Europe? Yes. So both places? “Yes, daughter. It will affect both and be very destructive. The earthquake will begin in one place and trigger more like a domino effect, but not necessarily occurring all at the same time.” What is the message? (It is repetitive)

“I am waking up the nations! I am calling for repentance. Church, wake up and understand the times we are in. Repent and return to Me completely.” He gave me Rev 3:2-3 and Eph 4:11-13

I understood that Jesus wants His Bride to function by His Spirit and not by man. The New Testament church is the model church for us today; using all the gifts. The church is to be the perfect revelation of Jesus enabled with every grace, every gift and every ministry. Most modern churches have quenched Him; refusing and denying to use the supernatural gifts and ministries- including the apostles and prophets. Amen!


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