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The Wedding Feast Of The Damned:A Dystopian Nightmare – Only a Grain of Sand


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The Wedding Feast Of The Damned:
A Dystopian Nightmare
May 8, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

This is a Dream, Message from God The Father & Notes:
The night of May 6th, I had a dream. It was repeated, while I was asleep. At the end the Lord told me I will give it to you again, so you can remember it and write it up. As I got out of bed, I kept hearing the word “DYSTOPIAN” repeated many times in my ears. Not familiar with this word, never use it, have seen it once, but did not know the meaning of it at all. Looked it up later.

The dream is a snapshot of future celebrations events that will take place in Astana after the anti-Christ takes his place. I am flying in the sky in spirit, not on an eagle or plane. Traveling over a futuristic city, looking down on the top of these huge space age buildings. It is not night but the sun is almost gone, weird light, dim, smokey and foreboding. Passing over a spire topped building, with other geometric shape buildings around it, I descend beside a low, square, building with a flat roof, warehouse like, no windows, metal siding, and I enter it.

It is a banquet hall, size of a baseball field. There are myriad tables covered in white clothes and platters of food. Hundreds of people are at table, have finished their meal. Though they have had their fill, the tables are still loaded with food. The guests are not vox populi, but dignitaries, from all over the world, invited by the anti-Christ, to his ascension/coronation ceremonies.

This dream is not an inducement to take the chip/mark, so you can enjoy the heavily laden tables of the anti-Christ, because in the dream when I looked at the well fed diners/guests, they were a little like automatons, who had stuffed themselves. You know after a big meal, people relax, you can hear laughter, conversation, satisfaction on their faces. Not here! They had lost much of their humanity, by taking the chip, zombies all. Much of their interaction or gestural communication seemed stunted, half-dead or like bump-on-a-stumps; they all sat there like dumb animals, who had feasted, and fell silent.

Didn’t get near the head table, the room was so huge, nor see the anti-Christ. But his identity is now clear, to all with open eyes. The banquet diners/guests totally ignored me, and I spoke to no one. After a sit-down banquet has finished, the waiting staff disappear. I saw no waiters at all. The food on the tables was still laden high, and dishes covered every surface of all the tables.

Wandering around the hall, initially looking at the overpowering abundance, and this was only leftovers, as everybody had stopped eating, having had their fill. So the anti-Christ will make good, on giving his cronies the best of the best. Seeing all this food made me famished. Going to a corner of the one of the tables, and finding no clean cutlery, I took the corner of the table cloth to wipe off a serving spoon; the filth of this evil feast could not be removed. You can not eat it or you will die the death!

Although I was hungry, I ended up not eating. It was at this point that I woke-up. As Christians we can not sit down with scoffers, nor eat any food, dedicated to demons or false gods.

Did God wake me up before I sinned, and ate of this abomination? Or did I not imbibe because I forced myself, to wake-up? This is a question I can not answer. All of us who are still on earth when the chip is imposed, will have to answer. Yes or No! Personally, I am afraid of execution, but determined never to take the chip/mark, so eating from the hand of the anti-Christ, is out of the question.


Down through history satan has been called the monkey of God. It is so. Think it not strange, that satan would ape the Wedding Feast of The Lamb. The human slaves of satan, and his putative son, the anti-Christ will create this wedding feast of the damned, after having taken up, his position as leader, of the world.

But some of the minions of satan, will rebel. As sons and daughters, of revolution have always destroyed, and eaten their own; this final assault on God, will not be any different.

All the leaders of the countries of the world have sat around tables, agreeing to an agenda, in seemingly total agreement. But two countries, Russia and China, have decided not to ‘play ball’, with the rest. I AM has given knowledge of this, to others before. Russia and China will have it their own way, they think. But I AM will destroy their illusions of grandeur, pulverizing their wicked intentions.

I AM God The Father Almighty

DYSTOPIA: noun, the opposite of a utopia, (<dys = bad + (u) topia)
The World Book Dictionary 1979, USA

1. A Warning: Hell awaits all who take the chip. As my own father used to say “Wake-up and go to sleep right.” After taking the chip/mark, the diners/guests were half-dead animals simply filling their stomachs… If you have to starve now, for not taking the chip/mark, you will spend an eternity with God Himself. He who is satisfaction, beyond measure, and fullness of life, love, happiness, and your All.

2. Those that take the chip will be self-satisfied that they will have food, jobs, homes, but only the elite cronies of the anti-Christ will have access to the perks of luxury, abundance and personal options in life. But it will be under a tyranny never seem before in its virulence.

3. Since satan wants to destroy male & female, the family, humanity and Christianity in particular; completely replacing us with robots, AI, and hybrids; the vast majority of humanity that takes the chip will simply become slaves, for the beast system. Not much of a life in my books…Choose God

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