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The virus turned them into zombies – Suzanna Carter

The virus turned them into zombies

Jan 28, 2020 11:41 AM
Suzanna Carter

My dream 6am 1/26/2020

One of my friends had received a prophetic message from the Lord to share urgently the virus was quickly approaching & a few days Later it Started. The outbreak was here people were crazy. They thought they had it under control but did not. They wasn’t prepared for it to spread so quickly & it was not at all what we have heard on the news, it was way worse. It turned them into zombies.

Gas stations were running out of gas I was with Shawn & a couple people (whom I don’t know) we had a head start but they kept coming. We rushed as we were headed to a couple places then our “safe place” then we met 3 friends to pick them them one of them refused to get in the car with me so (she has a spirit of jealousy due to my real with one of her friends, we must lay down jealous & pride & humble ourselves) to we Had to leave her behind there was no time to waste. She had got infected trying to argue.

Also The food we had prepared in our homes was for others who would find it on their journey not for us for we was leaving town. We made another stop along the way & Shawn got separated with the one or the others. We couldn’t look for him we had to go every second was crucial. I prayed he would make it to the safe house on his on. Leaving him behind was the hardest things ever but I had no choice. One of the ladies went in a store during that time and got contaminated we had to leave her too …

Me & 2 friends was all that was left in our group but we knew there was hope our families and they could still make it to the safe house in their on. We had given them laminated maps (which they all already have in their big out bags if you don’t have one get one).. we stopped to get a few supplies at my house & I was looking for little pictures of my family to take Incase I never saw their faces again. I saw pictures of my nieces, nephews, mom, brothers, & Shawn & a few others… there was a big storm that was messing with the electricity & had literally blown away the door.

Then A guy came pretending to be hurt saying “just one more with yal” wanting to come with us. I told My friend to grab the gun. I would ask him 3 questions, If he got them wrong shoot him in the head (she had to shoot him in the head to kill him) but she and her friend was arguing so she didn’t actually hear me but he didn’t know that at first. She then looks around & sees him & He saw her & she didn’t have a gun & tried to attack us thinking we were weak, we had supernatural strength that shocked us both as we destroyed him with our bare hands.

The Lord had given us strength. It was awful to kill him because he was once a man but this was no mortal man anymore. We rushed to leave the house with hope to find our families & others not contaminated by the virus. The virus was changing people.. We were in an SUV we needed cash Incase some store were still operating in other towns over, with hope it hadn’t spread to far yet but really didn’t know. (We had been told to prepare gas prior but it was not on us it was at the safe house). The hurt of missing our loved ones was awful… it was so real it seemed as if it was literal days from now when it started. I also woke up gasping for air & missing my husband & family so much….

As I drove to work yesterday praying for my family, in tears at the thought of never seeing them again, And saying I have to spend more time with them while there is time. The Lord spoke & said do you love me? I said of course I love you. I then heard do you love me more than your family? When you follow me you will have to leave some of them behind with no goodbye.

Prepare yourself… Do you love him enough to leave everything & everyone behind if He says come now, follow me?

Things are going to change very soon. If you have never heard the voice of the Lord, seek Him. If you have never been baptized in the Holy Spirit, I pray you receive that ASAP. His voice will guide you & protect you in things to come. Do not fear. His Perfect love cast out all fear. This must happen to bring us to our knees & back to Him. If you’ve only hear of His love and never His wrath that is coming, find a new church & read for yourself. Revelation must play it’s course.

He will protect His people. It’s not time to be lukewarm, or cold. He will spit those people out of His mouth & say I never knew you. The time to be on fire for Jesus is NOW. Intimate time with Him daily, be in your word daily. Let the Holy Spirt guide you daily.

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