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The Vaccine Cannot Save You

February 7, 2021 1:31 PM

This message was received at 3:33am on 2.3.21

The Vaccine cannot save you. In fact it will do irreparable harm and its effects cannot be undone. Many have chosen to believe the words of the media and press and so called scientists over My prophets and My Word. Do not take the Vaccine nor the Mark. Taking the Vaccine or the Mark is death itself in the body and in the soul. Those who take the Vaccine will inevitably take the Mark. This is the systematic planned overthrow of your nation and the world. It is the taking down of the last vestiges of freedom and civil liberties and the final blow that will result in the annihilation of the world and its people. I Am that I Am.

It is not my wish that any should perish but many will in the days to come. I call many to Me but few answer. I knock on the door of your heart. Seek Me above all else. I alone have your best interests at heart. I know each of you by name. This is the hour, this is the day that each must take a stand. Choose wisely. Eternal life and death hang in the balance.
I go now to prepare a place for My own

I come soon children upon the clouds of glory upon glory

Amen Amen

I Am that I Am

Your Lord your Savior and King

Yeshua Hamashiach

It is so I have spoken

Amen Maranatha


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