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March 4, 2022 3:14 PM
Sammy Omosh

NB:Part1 was posted on 30th December 2021.

I woke up at about 4.30am today the 4th March2022,from the following dream:

[i was awake between 2am and 4am praying and studying the word,finishing the book of Acts of Apostle.]

I was with a bunch of High school students in a classroom.We were given a Geography Exam paper comprising of 50 questions.By the time the exam time concluded i had answered 40 questions.I told the invigilator to give me about 5 min and i will be through,since they were multiple choice quiz. INFACT NO 41 ,i had to measure the distance between point A and B using a thread and measure it on a scale provided and find the correct distance in the coices given.{MAP WORK} Remember my vision PREPARE FOR EXODUS on 6th Oct21 and the segment-THE FINAL EXAM WILL BE TOMORROW.Here NOW IT WAS!

When we were through,some students slipped to my desk and found my Bible notes when i walked out.But when i came back i was different than everybody else,I WAS SUSPENDED IN THE AIR above the doorway to the class and I STOOD STILL FOR SOMETIME IN THAT POSITION!Previously in an earlier vision a few years ago,i saw myself WALKING LITERALLY ON AIR.

{TRANSFORMATION DEFINATELY.} Then i entered and a student asked me to expound on this statement-God is our refuge and strength.I answered back that,that is psalm46 and i taught them the WORD.When i was through,i met my prayer partner and narrated to him my encounter with the students.

On 26th February2022;One day after i posted my last message,i woke up at 5am to this Statement given audibly by voice-”THE HARVEST IS NOW READY”.

Then on 1st March2022 i heard by voice-”THE LEFT BEHINDS’.If you have ever read the fiction books by TIM LA HAYE on the left behind series at the turn of the millennium,you know what the LORD means and where we are headed as a world and as a Church.

***I was given a mere 5min to wrap up, TIME ALREADY IS UP!Even the bus dream of 29/1/22,it had already left the Bus stop and had gone a distance of 50metres,for me to jump in before we LEAVE!

***Geography is about Countries, cities, Maps, locations etc. The Harvest is coming with much relocation to these places.

***After Exam is GRADUATION.The LORD OF THE HARVEST is set to give each REAPER,a sickle in their hands to reap the last and great harvest ever to be on the planet.

***Students represent the vineyard of the LORD/EARTH etc.

In my prayer time that Night,i asked Abba Father what to expect on a certain MONTH this year,and this is the dream he relayed back to me as AN ANSWER{HE has the Discretion to change on time!}It used to be GET READY,SET then GO{where we are NOW.}

Kenya:I still asked ABBA,whetther there are any changes to the visions and dreams HE has given me.But NO answer,meaning everything remains the same.In March2013,after the elections,in a vision a MAN appeared to me and uttered these words to me-RAILA WILL STILL BE THE PRESIDENT.He then disappeared.Last year in an audible voice i heard” RUTO THEN RAILA”.However i must state categorically that there is a very short span of time between their Presidencies outside the normal Electoral timetable.The rest get on CHANGE OF GUARD/GOVT OF 17TH SEPT2021.STILL means no matter how long it will be.So have done the last clarification on this thorny political issue that is dividing people along their ideal candidates.Iam non partisan in my political affiliation,but iam just A MESSENGER.

ZECHARIAH10:1 Ask rain from the LORD in the SEASON of the spring rain from the LORD who makes the storm clouds and HE will give them showers of rain,to everyone the vegetation in the FIELD.

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