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Transformation is Now here – Sammy Omosh


Transformation is Now here

December 30, 2021 5:07 AM
Sammy Omosh

On 26th Dec 2021 I woke up at 4am to intercede.I thanked the almighty Father for the revelations he gave to me in 2021.I prayed for New york city, California and other cities-for lost souls to come into the kingdom of God.I also prayed for the kids and for the ones I knew by their names.l finished praying at 5.30am,then I asked Yahweh to tell me anything that He wants me to know about 2022.I went back to sleep and this is what I saw:

Suddenly I appeared in the air about 20 to 30 feet high above the earth and I descended down slowly,it was like I was riding high in the air on a hot air balloon.l knew superna turally I had defied the law of gravity.I felt like a superman on a divine mission who was untouchable by any person or object.When I approached a multitude of people 10 feet above their heads,a section of them ran away in fear,yet some held their ground and I witnessed to them saying “receive Jesus now”.It was vividly real in this encounter and I thought this event talked about by many watchmen/women for many years has now happened!I woke up to find am in my bros house and it,s 7:15am.

In unrelated scene a couple of months ago,I saw many people had tremendous power and authority and they were shouting “Fire,Fire,Fire!”(it was like they were created out of fire itself.)

On 2nd Nov2021:I saw in a prophetic dream thousands and thousands of people were searching for water outdoors.Water seems to be so scarce! Could this be the aftermath of 3dds.

On 6th Nov2021:In a vision I saw something like a ball(asteroid)fall down from the sky and when it hit the earth,it exploded into flames! imagine the destruction threof!

Remember the ancient revivals during the
times of Charles Finney,John Wesley,smith wiggles worth from England.He witnessed 14 resurrection of the dead(unlearned plumber!),A.A Allen (predicted the huge earthquake coming to Los Angeles, California in 1906! McPherson, Jonathan Edwards (the famous sermon he preached-sinners in the hands of an angry God,moved the crowd to weep profusely.)not forgetting the healing evangelist Kathryn kuhlman,she was so anointed that at one time she passed a number of folks in a place and no one was left standing!

Remember the moves of God in the 50’s thro anointed servants the likes of Dr Morris cerullo (especially the encounters he had in 1959 with the great witch doctors of Haiti!)Ev Reinhard bonnke of “the blood washed africa-from Capetown to Cairo” He attracted crowds of UpTo 3 million people standing back to back in a single crusade!I cannot forget the likes of Oral Roberts conducting healing crusades in North America starting in the 50’s too. T.L Osbourne was also used in reaching out for souls with great miracles following his preaching,!
What is coming to the church will be humongous revival unmatched,the likes of which has not been seen before!The entire earth will be blanketed by the gospel day and night for a period of time by a vast army/warriors of God numbering their thousands(144k).There will be avalanche of miracles,signs,wonders,healings,salvation,and deliverance.Many will enter the kingdom of God,the rapture will then happen and then the earth will be ripe for the Great tribulation.

May the Lord show steadfast love and faith fulness to you. Matthew 17:1-8
Exodus23:27-i will send my terror before you.
Exodus34:29-35(the shining face of Moses) verse30The people were afraid to come near him.
Isaiah 2:10Enter into the rock and hide in the dust from before the terror of the lord and from the splendor of his Majesty.
John2:10But you have kept the good wine until now.(latter glory.)


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