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Prepare for Exodus

October 6, 2021 5:00 AM
Sammy Omosh
Kenya 🇰🇪

The morning of 3rd October 2021,i woke up at 5.23am from a very strange dream indeed.In the scene i was with some people at a place and i heard the following announcement being made “The Final Exam will be Tomorrow!”
Then i proceeded to a very large (humongous)hall and once inside, i saw very many chairs arranged neatly with name tags of the occupants pinned on them and following Alphabetical sequencing ie A TO Z Styling.Strangely enough i was carrying my own chair with my name written on it in capital letter-SAMMY,and went to the S section near the rear of the hall and i met STEVE seated on his seat.I told Steve my name following this given sequencing,should precede his name,so i placed my chair before his.
Steve in real life is a very good friend of mine for many years and he is the Director of a tour and travel firm located in the city center of Nairobi,12th floor(the apex/top most foor of that building,room 10,the last office of that building at the furthest end).Steve over the years has taken many churches,christian groups,institutions and pastoral groups to Israel and before covid 10 struck,he used to make pilgrimage to Israel via Egypt four times in a year,hence the Israeli Tourist Board honoured him by naming him a Tourist Ambassador to Israel.
However last month he called me on phone and told me,he is winding down the firm before the end of the year and relocating to the counryside for other ventures coz of zero business/No break even.

In that dream before i sat down,the barber had shaved my hair,i had taken a shower,applied oil on my skin and dressed well for the ocassion.Then a strange phemenon happened when i sat down-My late Grandma who passed away in 2012 appeared{a very srong believer who served her local church then very well for many years in terms of preaching,teaching and keeping church funds}She was well dressed for the ceremony and introduced me to a Stranger and she proclaimed “This is my grandson and he works at the managers office”And the dream ended there.I asked the lord on waking up if this dream is from him,and he replied instantly yes and he tolld me not to post it,until he gives me the insight/revelation.Here is what i was given:

1)The Final Exam will be tomorrow-The master will soon inspect his soldiers in a final passing out parade(gradution) before leaving for assignment/congregating in the pre arranged location.

2)The large hall-is where the wedding banquet will take place.There is a spiritual preparation neccessary as a prerequisite condition ie wedding garment must be clean and spotless.A personal initiative is required,not a group thing or family{i was carrying my own chair with my nametag on it to the assembly area}

3)Steve-represents a voyage we shall soon make.We shall relocate eg to the wilderness and finally to Heaven.His main job has been moving people on tours-our pilgrimage is now near.Remember he is moving for good,and the parallel here is when we move,that will be it,no retuning back to eg your house,car,job,business,relations etcYou will move like Abraham,and if you look back like Lot,the lord will not be pleased!

4)My late Grandma-Cloud of witnesses HEB12:1 CHEERING US UP!She also typifies the bride of Christ.

5)Working at the managers office-Serving Jesus christ the king.We are all co labourers with the owner of the vineyard.

6)2012-There was speculation by prophecy teachers,movie directors about the end of the world then(apocalypse}But now look at your world-is not the end of all things nigh?

7)12-A clock has 12 numerical nos(this is the floor he has been working from)The endtime clock is about to strike midnight and Jesus will come like a thief! and the No10(the office space)the furthest end of the building.Remember my two part series -The journey is coming to an end.He is winding down on the 12th month and 10 means complete(wanting nothing)

In pevious encounters with the lord,he showed me moving and arriving in a congregating place.I was asking for directions and He himself answered me with an audible voice.In 2016 in a vision i saw myself in a plane going West for a mission he had ordained for me.It was raining as i was heading to the airport and i saw the TV monitor at the airport indicating the departure and arrival time of my flight.It was an 8 hour journey.Then it 2019,in a dream he showed me leaving again and my passport stamped exit by immigration workers.Then in Dec2020,i was on a night flight and there was turbulence in the sky.A few months ago the lord showed me sitting in a chair at a very busy airport in the west.Now i asked the lord with the current covid19 measures,i can,t travel i don,t want to take the vax! And today he said in my spirit “operation Entebbe”[watch this movie}i saw quite an operation at the said airport.The Enemy has not won by bringing restrictions,if the lord sends you on his mission in the near future,then you will now understand why the late Evangelist Morris Cerullo used to say”There is a power so strong  it makes the rulers of this world tremble”.You ain,t seen anything yet!

Once,i was called upon to attend a work related workshop to be held at the city of mombasa that was to last for a month.At that time i worked 300 km from Nairobi.The phone call came in the afternoon thro my boss office.I had only afternoon to wind up,pack and prepare to travel.Amazingly everybody who was earmarked to attend the workshop,from the farflungs of the country arrived by the next day latest evening! We got our plane tickets that day and all our allowances and proceeded for the 480km jouney and the next morning all the people showed up for the workshop.

The question is “when you are called for duty at a short notice,will you go?”If you don,t you will be replaced as a remnant and a reserve soldier will take your place!

Lastly:About 2 months ago,i went to some place for prayers,and the next day when i was through,on my way home i saw a huge lorry (truck)written “Answerd prayers”.I dismissed this.Again last week on monday,i went to a town far away,and on arriving at the petrol station(gas station),the first vehicle to arrive was the same truck(lorry)and the lord said he is about to Answer many prayers,that have been prayed for a long time{possibly many years}by his people!And He made me browse on Glynda Lomax blogsite{wings of prophecy} and i found this there as a double confirmation!

BLESSINGS AND FAVOUR,be always yours as you serve the prince of peace.



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