“The Time of Moses Is Over!” – William Thompson

William Thompson

“The Time of Moses Is Over!”
Sunday, July 2, 2017

“Hear what the Lord God says to the shepherds! I have given you the sheep to care for and to feed. I spoke in My word to feed the flock. But you have perverted My word! You have made it to be sweet-sounding and pleasing to their ears so as not to offend them! And you have chosen to keep them as babes and children so they will not mature and leave. Now most of the Body of Christ is not prepared or taught to walk with spiritual maturity and authority and cannot properly discern good from evil. You have chosen to be more politically correct so that you can fatten your own self!
I gave you, the Body of Christ, the same opportunity as I did the children of Israel! I gave you spiritual freedom to flow in the Spirit of God. I brought forth people to remove shackles and bondages such as John Wesley, Aimee Semple McPherson, and others.
But the shepherds who followed after began to pervert that freedom by preaching the prosperity message. You began to teach the flock that I was no longer God; but instead, I became as some genie in a bottle! You taught them that if they did the right formula or sowed enough money into “your” ministry, that I would pay their bills or given them a new house or car! But you did not teach them that My word says “unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much more required”.
You set into motion and loosed this “Me first, Give me” attitude into the spiritual realm. This has led to the same attitude to be loosed in the natural. And since My sheep have not been fed properly, they were not mature enough to pray and to bind this in the spiritual! It has taken over this nation and it’s fruits began with the precedent being set by Roe vs. Wade. At that point, you, the Body of Christ, began your 40-year wilderness wanderings because you did not believe the Word of God!
And, as with Israel, so I allowed you to go through this wandering to test what was in your hearts! Spiritual Israel is not different than the natural children. You were grafted into the vine! You were given the same opportunity! You have walked with My Presence. You have received My Provision and yet you have not changed. Do not think that you will be excused more than they!!
The time of Moses is over! I call out to you to turn from your wicked and selfish ways and repent! Choose you this day whom you will serve.
I am about to allow you to reap the judgment from the repercussions of your wickedness. And I will deal with those shepherds who have perverted My Word and have not repented! The time of Moses is OVER!
It is now time for the Joshuas and the Joels to come forth to lead My children into My rest!
You can no longer remain complacent and immature! Rise up My children! Repent and seek Me!

This word was given by the Lord on Jan. 13, 2013 at 2:45 pm, and formally released July 2nd, 2017.
Scripture References:
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