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The Thunders of God – Sharlene Reimer / Tumisu

The Thunders of God

Vision #318

August 23, 2021 11:56 AM
Sharlene Reimer

Aug 19 & Aug 21/21

This is different for me. On Aug 19, when I was bowed before the Lord God during my quiet time, the angel Ariel approached me as he always has been doing of late. We worshiped the Lord together and then we walked across the area where God is present. We stood at the edge. I looked but I didn’t see earth this time. I just stood there and then thunder boomed around me. And I heard the voice of God say:

“I Am the Lord. There is no other.” There was more thunder. And He spoke again and said, “My Word is established. It is set.” (I then understood: nothing can change that) More thunder. And He spoke, “Let those who hear, let them hear what I have to say. Listen!” More thunder. And He spoke, “I Am the Lord who heals you.” (I understood: emotionally, spiritually and physically) More thunder. He spoke, “Let the earth rejoice- I desire your worship.” More thunder. And He spoke, “Fear not. I am your right hand who holds you.” More thunder and He spoke, “Blessings are yours. Walk in My will.”

That is all for this day. There were 7 thunders that day.

On Aug 21/21 I bowed before the Lord during my God time and the angel Ariel approached me. After my quiet time, I got up with the angel Ariel and we stood before the Lord together. We did not walk across the area this time. I heard loud booming thunder. It shook me. I understood that I was to write it down again. The voice of God said:

“I Am the Lord.” Loud boom of thunder and God spoke, “I Am the Lord that heals.” More thunder. God spoke, “I Am He who watches over your steps and doesn’t sleep.” More thunder, and He spoke, “I Am the Lord who loves eternally; everlasting.” Thunder and loud boom. And God spoke, “I Am He who parts the waters and makes a way for you.” Thunder. And He spoke, “I Am the Lord who comforts.” More thunder, rumbling and shaking. And He spoke, “I Am the Lord. Listen to Me. Seek Me.”

That ends the 7 thunders for that day.

Then He said: “I Am more than these and I Am for you. Be obedient. Do not look to the right or the left. Stay focused.”

Just to be clear, these are not the 7 thunders of Rev 10. And when comparing them, three are the same: I Am the Lord, Listen to Me and I Am the Lord who heals.

I declared all what the Lord said over my community.

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