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The Tattooed Elder with Youths in Red Shirts

February 24, 2021 9:24 PM

July 5, 2018

In a dream vision I saw an elderly man with several youths. The elder had gone through a transformation and appeared younger than his age, which was well over eighty years. He smiled proudly, showing off his NEW SET OF TEETH. His skin shone artificially as if it were made of a synthetic substance. Written or tattooed on his chin were the words, “NEW WORLD ORDER.”

The elder appeared to lead and mentor the youths who walked beside him. These youths, male and female, white and Asian, chanted and jeered at passersby. The skin of these youths also shone artificially, but their faces had no visible words. These youths wore RED SHIRTS, a type of uniform indicating their status and membership in an ELITE YOUTH GROUP.

The old New World Order movement has undergone a rejuvenation and makeover. It tries to appear healthier, younger and more attractive to better snare the unwary and appeal to youth. It has new teeth, as recent legislation gives it more powers and the ability to enforce them. Yet the N.W.O. is an ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT, not created by God. It is tattooed, an automaton OWNED BY A FORCE OTHER THAN ITSELF. Just as Hitler did with his HITLER YOUTH and Mao did with his RED GUARD, the New World Order plans to embrace and empower a generation of youth to embody and enforce its codes.

Just as a dentist can extract teeth as well as fit new ones, the PEOPLE CAN CHALLENGE TYRANNY-PRODUCING LEGISLATION AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS, amending laws and regulations and even bringing them before the highest court in the land. But this must be done QUICKLY, before staged events enable martial law.

GUIDE AND PROTECT YOUTH from ungodly manipulations and influences. Give children a sound foundation of FAITH, an unbreakable prayer connection to God. Help children know in their deepest of hearts that they are CHILDREN OF GOD THE FATHER and IN THE COMPANY OF HIS SON JESUS.

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