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Dream: The Coming Persecution Of The Saints / Word: Plead The Blood – Cherrie Archer

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Dream: The Coming Persecution Of The Saints / Word: Plead The Blood

April 24, 2024 7:31 AM
Cherrie Archer

4-23-24 Dream

I dreamed all night of the coming persecution of the saints. People being imprisoned for their belief in God, for what they said in defense of God, and condemning sin. People were being hunted for their beliefs.

Chaos was all around, running, hiding. This is coming.

In the dreams I noticed that there were people always around to hide me from those hunting me. These people/angels were not afraid of the hunters.

I was safe and protected by them. I know they were angels that looked like humans. They had no fear and that is how I know they were angels.

4-24-24 5:40am Word

Man does not know the hour that he lives. The hour of chaos unending.

Wars and rumors of wars as spoken in My word is ongoing.

The financial markets in a free fall only to gain a foothold to rise before falling again.

A roller coaster of events getting the public ready for the great plunge that will destroy the dollar.

As My word says they will throw their gold and silver into the streets as a worthless commodity.

Value will have no meaning to those starving.
Famine is coming. The cost of beef, chicken, and eggs rising. Only the rich have prepared as the enemy destroys farms, processing plants, and killed production.

The enemy is at mans door, Do Not let him in. Cover homes, property, cars, and supplies with My Blood. Do Not delay, All things are about to take a seriously bad turn.

It will be those who take My instruction to heart who will survive.

Pray over all things eaten. Do Not drink anything, including water without pleading My Blood over it. All food and drink, including water has been poisoned.

Hear Me this day. Pray over all things. The water man bathes in. The air man breathes, ALL sustenance must be prayed over.

Pray as man puts gas into the tank for travel, protection and safety. The evil one is looking for ways to harm My people. My Blood is a shield against the enemy.

Teach your children to pray, for they live in a time that has never been before.

My word tells there were giants in the land before the flood and after in Noah’s day. They were marrying and given in marriage. They were drinking which leads to drunkenness without discernment.

Does man understand that fallen angels produced giants through their procreation with the human women, that they married, during Noah’s day, which will happen again.

All things that were will be again. Read My word and know truth.

The chaos that surrounds man is not going away but will continue to destroy. Do Not allow numbness to develop in mans mind, soul and body to those things that come.

Pray, Plead My Blood, use My scriptures as ammunition against the enemy. He cannot stand against them.

Know My word and use it.

How many know My Blood was shed for mans healing and by My stripes they are healed.
How many know that My word tells that they will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord.

Hold onto My promises. My word contains many for those who read and believe.

All that has been written is coming to pass in the days man lives.

Pray, seek My face, and I will lead you.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 


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