The Swordsman – Ruth Johnson

The Swordsman

Nov 28, 2019 12:34 PM
Ruth Johnson
I am longing to hear You,
My Gentle Brother, 
My Hero, my Savior, my Friend,
My Lord!
You have a Voice like no other,
You also have a Sword.
The Sword is Your Word,
It is two-edged and sharp
Enough to cut sin from our souls.
It will divide the nations,
It will divide the plunder,
It will flash like lightning,
It will roll like thunder,
It will Light our way back Home.
I am longing to hear from You,
My Sacred Lord,
Holy of Holies, Giver of The Word,
And Bestower of The Sword.
We need Your Word now,
For we know with certainty,
The fallen are at our gate.
The Bearer of the Sword
Much longer cannot wait.
It will flash, the sky will peal,
The earth will tilt, the seas reel,
The four angels in the corners
Holding back the winds
Will be given Orders
For those winds to be released.
How the prophets roared!
How they are ignored!
Mocked, kicked, ridiculed,
Verbally attacked!
Called crazy, laughed at,
All behind their backs.
Woe to you, you clever folks
Who put the prophets down,
For your Creator gave them Words,
And The Swordsman soon
Is coming to your town!
He knows where you’ll be hiding
When you realize your mistake,
You will not miss His Voice
When He Calls you to the stake,
The one He already hung on,
Lived and died for you,
The One Whose Words you spit on,
Now what is He to do?
He gave the Greatest Gift
Ever given to mankind
And sent His Voice
Through the prophets
To proclaim throughout the land.
What could be better?
Everlasting life!
No sickness or death!
No toil and strife!
He opened His Door
To Heaven’s delights!
Paid for by His Dear Son’s Life!
He did this for us,
So we may choose Life!
You stab the messenger,
Then turn the knife.
There are those longing
To hear that Beloved Voice,
We will hang on every Word,
Where our Home will be,
We have made our choice.
We stand with the Swordsman,
Donned in white robes,
Waving palm branches,
As harmless as doves.
The Mighty Yielder of the Sword
Will Defend and Relieve us,
Then the doubters of His Word,
Will finally believe us.


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