The sufferings of the true church – Patti Young

The sufferings of the true church

2:24 AM, Nov 29
Patti Young

The sufferings of the true church is not birthed through religion nor is it birthed through the kingdoms of man but is birthed through my spirit alone of which I AM the head. She has known of the things to come by my revelation alone, not by the teachings of man. When, she cries out in pain to be delivered, when is my kingdom to come? I say to my church, my bride, at an hour you thinketh not, I shall come and deliver you from the hands and the snares of the evil one. Look around I would say unto you, are not the signs everywhere? Are not all the words I have spoken that is written all true? Comfort I say unto you my bride, ease and
comfort shall come unto you oh Zion, a shelter
I shall be unto her in the upcoming storms and
tribulation to soon fall upon the earth unto all mankind. For shall I not deliver mine own and dwell among my people and I shall be their God and these shall I call my beloved. The storm, the storm I see upon your horizon and at an hour that you thinketh not it shall come upon the land and it shall devour many, but I shall be a comfort to mine own that I have sheltered in Zion. Come out of her the nations where the evil has inhabited, come out of her these have cried for I shall again say unto mine own the sufferings of this world shall not compare to the glory that is soon to come.

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