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The Story Of Captain Samuel Adams: “Who Is My Neighbor?”

November 1, 2021 2:26 PM

October 30 – 31, 2021

Scriptural Reference: Luke: Chapter 10 Verse 29
“But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, And who is my neighbor?”

On the 14th of November, 1642 I AM visited a man who lived in these United States, although at that time it was a colony of England. He was given a vision of the course of history of the land, to your own time. Great was his sorrow for the loss of righteousness and the faith in your own generation, that he interceded for the rest of his life; for you masters of convenience and pleasure, perversion, iniquity and sin.

His many prayers were like a pure flame, for it is written that the saints raise themselves heavenward, going from virtue to virtue, as by steps. Now his prayers pushed back many of the judgments and the time frame for their realization, by years.

Do you think your generation is unknown in the course of ages, that you are unique in the history of mankind? Those that have been given the knowledge of your generations extreme ungodliness, have wondered at the pride, hubris and extremity of your complacency, acceptance of all the horrific machinations of the snake king. Accepted by you individually and collectively, so readily. Many of you laugh at the reality of Hell, eternity without God. For you have dismissed the very idea that there is an Almighty Creator of all Creation.

Captain Samuel Adams died some forty years later and he has enjoyed the Beatific Vision for over three centuries, of your time. Such was his love for New England (Mass.) that he has continued to intercede for your generation, all these years.

Do you really think you are alone? True his own family line died out in the 1840’s, but, many of his loved ones, friends and neighbors, have progeny living on earth today. Do you really think you are all alone? If you don’t go to Heaven with your brothers and sisters, you don’t go to Heaven at all!

All Heaven is watching you now and your ancestors back to Adam & Eve, are aware of all your moves and they will greet you across the veil if you choose God over satan. Heaven over Hell. If you really believe the Word of God, that Adam & Eve are the progenitors of the Human Race, then you are all brothers & sisters. Yes all the skin colors and different nationalities, races go back to the same DNA. This was proven by American scientists in an IBM/National Geographic Research Project, but was buried under a barrage of lies to cover-up the truth!

Beware, lest when you step over the veil, the myriad fabrications that constitute the false reality you 21st century people have swallowed, about the world, history, the spiritual realities haunts you forever. Eternity is nye for many of you. REPENT NOW Or Be Lost!

See: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Adams-55

Note: I had never heard of any Captain S. Adams and was basically incredulous about this message but God knows all and His Will is All, so get with the program!


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