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The Spirit Of Jezebel & The Secret Sin – Only A Grain Of Sand

The Spirit Of Jezebel & The Secret Sin
By Only A Grain Of Sand

“What peace? So long as the fornication’s of Jezebel thy mother, and her many sorceries are in then vigor.” II Kings Chapter 9:22

Intro: Jezebel was the wife of King Ahab of Israel. She was a murderer, occult Baal worshiper and killed all the prophets of God, that she could lay her hands on. Her death is one of the great horrors of the Old Testament.

Oh you daughters of Jezebel who offer your own children, the flesh of your flesh, the bone of your bone to the blood sacrifice of Baal. For each and every one of you who have sacrificed your son or daughter in Abortion. Listen Now, Repent now for I will soon throw you down, like the wicked princess Jezebel, whose name and spirit is your guiding voice.

You shall die in your sin if you do not Repent of your sorcery. “For rebellion is as witchcraft.” The Jezebel Spirit has entered millions of women in this present world.

You talk of Rights and Women’s Health, but you are temples of Satan, not temples of the Holy Spirit of the Most High God. All your Rights will now be taken away from you and your Health also, and then your Lives. You will spend an eternity contemplating your sin.

Since every procreated child is My gift with My Spark of Light/Soul entwined, you have trampled on My Rights, on My Health as each child is a part of Me.

Every man who has participated in these acts of fornication, I convict also of this heinous crime. Many of you men, are totally indifferent to these pregnancies. If you have not done all in your power to try and save your own flesh & blood. I will hold you just as responsible as the mothers. I Will Seek You Out Now. You shall fall to the ground, bloodied and die.

Your Birth Control Pills are Abortifactants!

Think On This Now all you ‘Modern’ men and women who have fornicated and aborted your children while sexual pleasure was your common practice. Out or inside of marriage, I will seek you out. I know all your ways and Now is the Time to come to me and beg forgiveness for you habitual sins sins because the Spirit of Jezebel will be thrown done, and all who have partaken of her sorceries. Think on this well before in My Justice, I come to demand your own life in repayment for your many murders.

Personal Testimony:
1. Confirmation: In 1993 I was in NYC on business. When finished on the way out of the city, I took the subway to the bus station to get a transfer to the airport. The Lord gave me an open vision of NYC burning, totally destroyed. Shaken to the core, I immediately went to a church to pray for two hours, missing my plane. Stunned I took a late plane home the same day. NYC will now be destroyed.

2. Many people are not aware the the ‘Pill’, the ubiquitous contraception method is an abortifactant. I had two love affairs in my youth, with two women, who used this method of birth control, during our relationship. The Holy Spirit has convicted me of the sin/murder of six aborted babies during these two sexual affairs.

This is the Secret Sexual Sin Of Abortion/Murder of the last 75 years, since the ‘Pill’ came on the market. If your were involved with this Contraceptive method, seek the Holy Spirit now and repent of this sin. For it is a major killer of not only babies in the womb, but the souls of both parents involved.

3. This is my last message, the end is nye.

Only A Grain Of Sand


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