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The Sin Against The Holy Spirit

August 22, 2021 10:04 AM

August 22, 2021

Scriptural References:
Matthew Chapter 23 Verses 29 – 37
Luke Chapter 11 Verses 47 – 51

Many in the Church are guilty of this sin. How so? The Church has rejected the prophets, watchmen and women of today. Fear and silence are also a culpable rejection punishable by God. Just as the leaders of the Jewish and Christian Churches down through history did, before you.

You have free wills. God will not coerce your free will. But woe to those that say “If its God’s Will it will prosper,” and then turn away to ignore the prophetic word totally. You fools are just as guilty as those who reject, mock, scorn and blaspheme them outright. I AM watching and there are two times you will see My Face, when you pass and the Final Judgment. Double woe to you who have heard and spit my prophecies out of your hearts, minds and used your mouths to laugh, doubt and dismiss them as so much hot air.

The Sin Against The Holy Spirit Will Not Be Forgiven!

You will know My Rage if you continue down this road, without Repentance. Do not take this lightly, for you will have an eternity to ponder your pride, stiff-necked foolishness and rejection of the Lights of Grace, freely given!



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