The Remnant – Ruth Johnson

The Remnant

Nov 20, 2019, 1:16 PM
Ruth Johnson

O, my Lord Jehovah,
The remnant are calling
Out to each other!
The battle call has sounded,
The troops must come in!
We need them, we love them,
And without them
We will not win!
The remnant is weak
But must be made strong
By knitting together
And singing a song!
A song of salvation!
A song of forgiveness
That rings through the valleys
A whole remnant strong!
Never put new wine
Into old wine skins,
They will burst and not hold it in.
Put new wine in new skins
And olives in oil,
Never give in, never give spoil.
I love You, my Father,
I long to come home
And feel Your arms
Strengthen my bones.
I am weary and wrecked,
Torn almost asunder,
But still a remnant
Waiting for thunder
To call us all home
So we may become
One with The Father
And one with the Son.

Isaiah's son is named Shear-jashub, meaning "a mere remnant will return". Isaiah 7:3
Isaiah 1:9, 11:11
Micah 2:12,13, 3:6,7, 5:7-9
Romans 9:27-29

My Lord, You give me words
Fit for angels
And I write them down.
They are so beautiful
It is easy to be dutiful,
Your Love for us astounds me!
In Your Home in the sky
You see us all,
Apples of Your Eye.
A bunch of us are bruised,
Some are full of worms,
Some have turned to booze.
Few of us have learned to
Cling to the vine!
Do not drop off!
The beasts will eat you!
Wait until you are ripe
And the Lord will reap you!

Isaiah 10:20-23
Psalm 17:8,9
Proverbs 7:2
Revelation 12:17


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1 Comment

  1. Susan Elizabeth

    AMEN!!! John 17

    This is exactly what The Lord has shown me was to happen since 2014/2015 Blood Moons!!!

    He has had me in travail and intercession for the front lines. He says to me in prayer, “Call the front lines daughter, call the front lines.”

    This is being birthed

    The John 17 unity of the remnant

    Alleluia!!!! It’s here!!!

    In our prayer closets there will be unity and deep calls to deep and John 17 we will be made one in Him!!! But we are all already one but we MUST come into formation of agreement with God and unity with one another!!

    The more we are all in deep intercession and prayer for one another the more this unity will happen as our Spirits understand and know more than our minds do at this point.

    Keep pressing in!!!!


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