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The Past Answers For The Future But Not Karma!

March 6, 2022 2:10 PM
Scriptural Reference: Isaiah Chapter 15 Verse 7 (partial)
“According to the greatness of their work is there visitation also...”

The past answers for the future, but not Karma. Those that believe in Karma are deluded by a lie. It is the twisting of the truth by the snake king. Yes, everything you do has a result and is answered in your future state; as where you are now is the fruit of your past gestures, words, actions, thoughts, looks.

But Karma is a wheel that keeps turning, never ending is and there is no forgiveness in this delusion, nor considered the need thereof. No Repentance. No need for a savior because you are god, becoming one in this life or some future reincarnation. Reincarnation is another lie straight from Hell! It is given once to live and then the four last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven or Hell!

I AM in the Past, Present & Future. All is in the Now for your Father, Son Jesus The Messiah & Holy Spirit. Soon the restrictions of your Time & Space Continuum, will disappear, for those who choose God. Eternity never ends and with it the limitations of this world, you live in. For those who have rejected or will reject God their Creator; their sorrow will last forever. Make wise your choice for this world is being judged and your Yes or No will be final. For many have already decided and the curtain will fall shortly.


Note: For a confirmation on this Time & Space Continuum, see JULIE WHEDBEE’s February 12, 2022 Message: “ I AM COMING NOW, YOUR WAIT IS OVER” Paragraph 9 “All is in the moment of now…”


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