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Message for Aspies/Autistics and Otherwise “Dis-Advantaged” – Sarah

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Message for Aspies/Autistics and Otherwise “Dis-Advantaged”

April 13, 2024 8:51 AM

Told to share 4-13-24 9am

“Give My Least a Cup of Refreshment”

…so the Least will find encouragement, and so the self-righteous believers who have been given much advantage will examine themselves to make sure they really are in the faith and caring for the least of these Jesus’ brethren (those who do Father God’s will)…

Examine yourself to see if you are “in Christ” … 2 Cor 13

Sodoms’ sin… Ezekiel 16

True Religion according to God: James 1:27

Mark 2:17 When Jesus heard it, He said unto them, “They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sickI came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

1 Corinthians 1:27 NIV 27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.


Much of the church loves the world. Both obey society rules, most of which go against The Word of God. Word calls ALL believers (no matter the neuro type) to die to self and the world, not conform to it. Most of the neuro-typicals seem to doubt Truth, that The Bible is actually God’s Word and to be obeyed, not seen as optional. When we obey what Jesus said to do, His Holy Spirit lives in us. (John ch 14-17). Holy Spirit comforts and teaches ALL who submit what they want in life to His ways. So, in these last days, autistics like myself are TRUTH TELLERS. People always rejected Truth Tellers…the prophets and disciples and Jesus Himself, The Truth, was persecuted and killed by the “NORMIES”.

Jesus said that the man born blind had not sinned, but that God’s power would be shown through him. May the normie Christians, most of whom are desperate to conform to what the world calls success, see God’s power on those of us with ANY dis-advantage in this world-society. This is Not our Home, Jesus tells us!! Yes we ARE to be a PECULIAR people in Christ. One advantage of having autism is that we can see Truth and not get entangled in the games that normies play, and many sin because of them… such as being dishonest… an autistic would not be interested in playing the social/mind games that most social normies play, and the fakery is sad because Jesus calls us to be REAL. He also calls those who have been given much to care for the least of these, not to dis-clude them and harm them.

For me, my dis-advantages socially hurt a lot until I sought God myself and His Word. Then I realized how many times we are tempted to sin when in social relationships. Many successful “normies” are actually deceived and they do not realize it. They believe they can hate on those with dis-advantage and still be saved. John says if you hate you are not saved. Jesus said to be like little children… humble, honest, speak Truth in our hearts, etc. To me, autism has caused me to be as a little child in that I remain not as tempted to sin in social situations maybe as others…. normies believe it is okay to lie to each other, for example. Jesus said no liar will walk in New Jerusalem.

I pray for all of the least of these according to society. Most religious people hate on the least of these instead of trying to “serve others above self”. Most people who call themself a believer do not obey Jesus and die to their self-will. They want to be like the world. For me, my intensity for Truth helps me to obey Jesus despite what others who say they know Him do. So when a so-called Christian normie treats the least of these with any contempt or ignores them etc, well Jesus said to the goats that they did not care for HIM by not caring for the least.

Please know, all who are dis-advantaged in any way, that Jesus Christ is our Strength, He is close to the brokenhearted, the contrite, and He helps us to let go of love for this world and put our hope and trust in HIM not other people. He has many promises for those of use who have that humble child-like faith. Normies have to wade through more temptations (money and friends can keep them in love with this world when Jesus said we cannot love the world AND Him simultaneously.)

How wonderful it would be if the least of these were invited to speak at churches. The Laodicean apostate church needs people to tell them the Truth of Jesus’ Gospel. And our amazing Father God, Who created us in the womb on purpose for a purpose will use THE LEAST TO CONFOUND the proud who think they are so wise, yet so often blind and on the wide path to destruction.

I pray God would raise up His precious dis-advantaged in this world to proclaim His True Gospel – like Jesus did and said to Father God:  “Not My Will but Yours”. May God do HIS WILL that He created us for in these days! He has His Holy Spirit fruit and gifts for ALL WHO obey/love Him! The Least are still responsible to Jeremiah 33:3. And if we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him and He will teach us according to His will and Word. He will increase our faith and then…

HE WILL USE US who are called ‘weak’ in this world to cause the normie “wise in their own eyes” people to be stopped in their tracks. May God use the least of these to confound the wise so that as many as possible can repent and be saved……. and believers will walk in God’s Love and others will see His love and works in us and glorify God. Be encouraged, God made us this way on purpose, for His glory!!! He is not done with us yet, seek Him, He HAS A GOOD PLAN FOR ALL… Jeremiah 29:11-14 applies to EVERY SOUL that Father God created, we are NOT LEFT OUT, we are made to confound the wise, for God’s glory!!! I pray He heals us and shows us that we are not to conform to the world anyway!!

May Father God be glorified in the good work that He will complete in us, may many walk in The Light as He is, no matter their advantages in the world (which really can be disadvantages when used for flesh glory!) or their disadvantages. He is worthy of all glory and praise forever!

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