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Once Saved Always Saved: Why it Does Not Hold Up Biblically

April 17, 2024 1:31 PM


There are two avenues of thought when it comes to my Word. One believer, believes that after giving their life to me, they are sealed to come into the Heavenlies, upon their death. They follow some of my commandments, and others not. Since they rely on my free gift of salvation, to be a sealed deal, they pick and choose, which commandments, they believe apply to them. Here is where they have gone wrong. The Holy Bible was given to my children to guide them during their lives. If all I wanted from my children was a statement of belief in me, the bible would be only a historical text.

The Bible:
1. It would not contain over 1000 references to sin and what is considered sin.
2. It would not contain the ten commandments.
3. It would not contain the two most important rules.
4. It would not contain the Book of Revelation and judgements, against those still in sin.
5. It would not have the 7 churches and warnings to 5 of them, as being not sufficient, to make it into heaven.

Each of my children are responsible for how they conduct themselves after receiving my free gift of salvation. My gift is the ability to believe in me and my Kingdom and with righteousness and repentance you will make it into my Kingdom.

I died so that you would have a choice for I Am and my Kingdom, or a choice for satan and hell. Without my death, there would have been, not much choice at all. Many believe in a God that is all powerful, but yet still argue over IF my “exact” words and thoughts are relayed in my book.
As you get to know me more and more, through reading my book, you take on my characteristics, as you follow by example. Sin and unrighteousness are not following by example. Sin is the snare that the enemy has laid out for you, to become trapped in. This snare is invisible, yet deadly and will take you down to the depths of the earth. Many are blinded to the truth. Truth is following what is considered just and right. Righteousness is truth.

Get on your knees to repent so there is plenty of room for rightlessness and truth. Follow my ways, follow what is right. Follow my word. Soon it may not be available for you to find. Follow me, for I Am the narrow path to the second avenue of thought, which is following I Am.

LynL Thoughts: Be careful of what you think, for you become that thought. Be careful of what you say, for Words change outcomes. Be careful to be righteous, for God is righteousness. Be careful, we are at the end. Remember that God has said, “The fence you sit on, belongs to satan.” (Holy Spirit Teachings)


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