The “PARTICLE” The Bots, Borgs and Humans – Madelyn Camp


The “PARTICLE” The Bots, Borgs and Humans

We’re in an Extinction Level Event killing all biological life forms including humans, animals and plants.
Apr 21, 2021, 1:38 PM
Madelyn Camp

Graphene Quantum Dot Hydrogel=The “PARTICLE “. Luciferian Fallen Angel Technology tainting all biological life forms including humans, animals and plants. Satan’s last hoorah mimicry of the Blood of Jesus. A Nanofusion of biological life and robotic construct. Nanobot Hollow belly with payload capability. CONNECTS YOU TO ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPUTER CONTROL. Infiltrates your brain changes your DNA.

-WILLINGLY Surrendering your humanity to vax/testing = the PARTICLE in your body NEVER to be removed=your body becomes a DOMAIN FOR DEMONS=CANNOT GO BACK TO GOD’S KINGDOM!!! -AI YOKE OF HUMANITY KILL SYSTEM. -Genetic modification of ALL biological life forms on earth. Including humans, animals and plants. – SOFT ROBOTS=Nano and biological tissue engineering. – ALL PARTS THAT MAKE YOU HUMAN ARE REMOVED. Rewired retooled body = no longer human. –

Will I allow myself to become a synthetic entity?!!! Pray about allowing Graphene Quantum Dot Hydrogel into your body via vax/swab testing deposits. -Once vaccinated your body becomes bioreactor manufacturing the “PARTICLE “ which you will continue to “shed” to others and your environment! -IT IS NOT SAFE TO BE NEAR THOSE VACCINATED AND SHEDDING!!! -URGENTLY important to keep your home a safe haven!!! NO ONE ALLOWED TO ENTER WHO’S BEEN VACCINATED AND SHEDDING THE PARTICLE!!! –


Military = need to get rid of all humans by 2025. Will be bringing in “new” humans lab created with no soul, no spirit. – Bionary weapons in foods. –

PURPOSE TO POSITION YOURSELF TO SAY NO!!! To Graphene Quantum Dot Hydrogel deposits via swab testing/vaccine and now in paper masks/foods.

– Pray and prepare as God leads. Prepare to walk in consequences of saying no=lost jobs, no income, no shelter, close family/friend mocking, scoffing,anger, hostility, separation has begun! Continue to speak the truth in love to those who are in error and trust the Lord to change their hearts. –

Only one third of humanity will survive this Luciferian Fallen Angel Technology Extinction Level Event!!! Walk in closely with God you hear Him whisper strategic instructions and be quickly obedient in all things 24/7. Chosen. For such a time as this. ALPHA OMEGA DELTA FORCE END TIME WARRIOR BRIDAL COMPANY REPORTING FOR DUTY!!! Thank You Lord You allow nothing without first warning Your people. Your people perish for lack of wisdom. Son’s and daughters of Issachar know and understand the times in which they live warning preparing and equipping others for what is coming and already here. Blood of Jesus on your doorposts!!! We will be known by our love. Hold on to your humanity!!! God’s creation! Thank You Lord You surround Your people with Your favor and protection as a shield in Jesus Name!!! No weapon formed against us shall prosper!!!

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