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The ocean was rolled back like a blanket – Steve in Ohio

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The ocean was rolled back like a blanket

June 1, 2023 7:59 PM
Steve in Ohio

I received this 31 May 23

I was watching Trevis Dampier Ministries’ daily video, which had a scene from a movie from the book of Daniel. Gabriel touches Daniel who passed out. Suddenly, a vision came into my mind. even after I set the phone down, I was hearing trumpets (to my left) with a small breeze on my face and voices (voices to my right).

here is what I saw

I saw the fire traveling and coming toward me or someone around me and suddenly I was flying along a line and heard, set the line of fire…so I saw fire pour out from me or someone around me.
I asked what is this line, I heard the Missouri River. Soon I saw all the water was gone and the land was dry under it

suddenly, I was flying down another river and saw fire on the Mississippi River and then the Colorado River. I assume it went dry too, but I didn’t see that on this river, just fire coming onto the river. I think the fish die

Then, I was taken off the coast of California (LA, I think…not sure), far as I can tell. I was standing on dry ground in the ocean (the ocean was rolled back like a blanket) and heard “Set it on fire”. I was lifted up and the ocean closed and then it was on fire. Soon I also saw LA, San Diego, and San Fran on fire. vision ended

Afterward, I had the feeling this has to do with volcanos.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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