The Missing Link – Rennie Helder


The Missing Link

October 8, 2020 6:29 AM
Rennie Helder

If it wasn’t so dark
It wouldn’t be as wonderful
The overcoming, all the sojourning
It will be a wonderful new world

Potential pride of any man is
The enemy’s only real weapon
Chosen for such a time as this
Marveling our names are written in heaven

Why the devil? hates creativity, diversity
Thank God I’m only human
The way’s far from any city
In such limitations, is wisdom

God poured his fury out on Jacob
And hatred of the enemy, as well
But, It’s Love well beyond hatred
Love itself points the enemy to hell

Chosen in the middle: God vs. the devil
A beautiful “in between”
An altar running in the sand
Like land meeting the sea

Trusting feelings in a world so wise
What could be more sensitive
Restoring God’s original design
Forever the tendency to give

The children may forget I exist
Going round and round frazzled
In a chain of love, that extra inch
Though dark, not exactly shackled

God bless you.
Rennie Helder

444 Note:

I got locked out of Poems.444prophecynews.com so all poems going foward will be on the main site.


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