The lowest pit of Hell – Pastor Kim Yong Doo

By Pastor Kim Yong Doo
Lord’s Church, South Korea

The lowest pit of Hell

(First Sermon of fourteen day Summer Fire Revival Conference in South Korea)

Hell is a frightening place and I tremble. I have had numerous visitations to hell. The lowest part the hell was endlessly unfolding before me. The lowest pit/depth of the hell was fearfully dark.
From today and forward, our church will be hosting the Summer Revival Conference for fourteen days. As a result, we have had several unexpected incidents. There has been an incident of fist fighting between some members of our church. One particular faithful church deaconess was attacked by prideful and lustful spirits. These spirits worked to delude and victimize another church member. Such incidents had tremendously shocked me.
Between Sunday morning and the evening service, my wife and I usually enjoy a period of rest time. It is a nice sweet rest time for us. But on this particular Sunday, Satan troubled us and took our sweet resting time. Unexpectedly, the title of the Sunday church sermon was, “The Beginning of Spiritual Warfare”. Were these incidents the signal of another spiritual warfare that was beginning? On the following Monday, as soon as I had arrived to my home and began to rest, and even before my physical body was properly recovered, the Lord came to me (Pastor Kim),
“You need to go somewhere now. Today, you will be going to a special place. ”
I replied, “But I am very tired Lord….Can I just rest?” The Lord said, “This is your calling.”
I asked the Lord about the couple incidents that had caused problems on Sunday regarding the soul of the deceived and deluded deaconess who had the lustful and worldly spirits. Two times I had advised this deaconess.. On the second time in advising her, I gently and softly spoke to her about a vision in which God had shown me about her. But obviously, she did not understand nor received my warning. This deaconess had dated a man who possessed a sophisticated style, had good manners and was good looking. This deaconess used to enjoy riding on the back of this man’s motorcycle. But they ended up falling off a cliff. This was not the end. They had become vegetables. They needed help when urinating and to defecate. Moreover, they had become blind. At the end, they eventually died.
I felt sorry and upset about the situation. So I began to importune to the Lord.
“Lord, I have enough prayer requests regarding my own church members! I have so much already! It is very difficult for me to add more members from the outside and to pray for them! They once were my church members, some had even visited our church. I’ve been praying for them but they are probably still slandering and cursing me..”
But the Lord replied, “First, go to this particular part in hell. Then you can say what you desire. When you are sent to this place of hell, I want you to look for those souls (the deaconess and her man). They are in one of the domains in hell where you will not be able to easily find. Today, when you are sent to hell, the evil spirits will not be able to torment or harass you even though they will be able to see and talk to you.” The Lord spoke to me with tenderness.
“The people whom I have called for a certain purpose, the people whom I have answered their heartfull prayers, and the people whom I have given spiritual experiences have forgotten the grace I had given them, such people who would rather forsake their certain calling and extinguish the grace. All such people are sitting at their dead churches as though nothing has happened!!! This detonates My wrath!!! They are no longer act like a person with a calling. How can they call themselves a worshipper? They blasphemy Me and the Holy Spirit! I will not forgive the people who think they are saved. They are deluding themselves and saying ‘I am saved!.’ I will not forgive them!!! Today, you will go to the deepest part of hell and you will know!!! Then the Lord disappeared. After the Lord took me to hell, He left. I’ve been to many places in hell, but his particular place was the most miserable place I had ever witnessed.
I have gone to many places in hell, but this was the first time for me to visit the deepest part of hell and I felt like I was vertically dropping for a very long time. This experience has given me another level of shock. The Lord had made my body very light and fast. I was able to jump around space and time. I felt like I had become a flea or a high speed grasshopper. During my visitation in hell, I did not feel tired. I approached toward a particular type of fire in hell.
The devil said, “Hey! You always harass us! Why have you come here?!” I said, “If you ever touch me, I will ask the Lord to throw you into the hell fire!” The devil got scared and backed off.
Next to the blazing hellfire, I saw what looked like a tremendous pile of trash or garbage. The width and depth of the garbage had no end. The size of it was so tremendous that it looked much bigger than a million times the landfill site of South Korea. It was the first time for me to visit this place of hell.
The numerous number of souls!! The people’s body were torn into many pieces. Their body parts were scattered and piled up like trash. It looked like a large mountain! Their parts were used to fuel the blazing hell fire. I cried out to the Lord and pleaded to Him.
There were souls who had once faithfully served the Lord’s church with loyalty. These souls shrieked and cried out. I was looking for this particular deaconess and one of the other member. I said, “Where are you deaconess (Name) !!!! Where are you (Name)!!!!”
I had warned a few times to this particular deaconess. I had warned her in a soft and gentle way. But she is now in hell. It is very frightening. After I had witnessed this place in hell, I am now praying such a way. “Lord, please do not send those people to hell (people who had slandered and left the church). It is ok if they do not want to come to the Lord’s church. Please please, Lord! Do not send those people to hell!”
In this particular place in hell, there were so many people who had forsaken their calling. Hades is very realistic to me. I thought to myself, “How can a place such as this exist? Oh My!” The odor of hell is inexpressive. The Israelites were in this particular place in hell. It is the lowest pit of hell.
My dear brethrens, the smell of human dumpster is inexpressible. The pieces of body parts were endlessly piled up. Within the pile of body parts, I had found the head and feet of this particular ex-member of our church. I wandered around for a long time to find the lower parts of the body and the internal organs. I felt like my soul was becoming insane. The screams and shrieks of souls pierced my ears. The scattered body parts were talking to me.
In this place, the internal organs were all scattered. The human heads had their skulls cracked opened with their brains gushed out. Their right eyes were pounded to the back of their heads and the left eyes were hanging out of their sockets. I saw buttucks with dangling legs, an arm crawling around, and some of heads had their own internal organs wrapped around their heads. Whenever I had witnessed the body parts, I naturally had knowledge and knew how they died. I knew what kind of sickness they had suffered and what date and time they had died. I knew which church they had attended. I knew if they were deaconess, deacon, elders and/or pastors. I was given knowledge of the sins they had committed. The evil spirits used a long shovel to scoop up the body parts throwing them into the blazing hell fire. They said, “You filthy human!!” Some body parts were as small as only a toe, a knee and/or a face or chest. But all these body parts were alive. I had witnessed such a scene for five long hours.
“Pastor! I did not know! I did not know that the sin of disobedience and pride could lead me to this type of consequence and ending up here! How is it sin when I had like or loved someone? Why didn’t you do something!! Why had you not severely rebuked me and perhaps even beaten me to stop me!!! Look at me now!!! What should I do now?”
In this particular domain of hell, there was an overflowing of believers who had forsaken their families, were lustful, prideful, and self-indulgent. They were drunks, pastors, elders, and many more people with callings and positions who had forsaken their duties. There were many people who had possessed many holy spiritual gifts. In fact, there were so many people that I had known before. They were people who were once close to me.
This particular deacon’s head itself continuously cried out to me. “Pastor!! I did not know!!!”
Her body and the body of the man whom she had committed adultery with stuck together. Their bodies were compressed together. The iron spear had pierced their bodies together. So many people were in this condition. They were the ones who had committed the sin of adultery.
The deaconess’ head continuously cried out to me and said, “Why didn’t you rebuked me!!! Why didn’t you beat me up!!!!”
So many christians have committed the sin of adultery. So many christians with holy spiritual gifts have corrupted themselves. I thought I was going to faint. As I loudly screamed, the visitation ended.
After this experience, the Lord said, “You are going to preach about salvation based on this scripture, ‘Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.’ Right?”
I said, “How did you know?” “Is there anything that I do not know?”
On earthly time, the experience to hell lasted about five hours. My wife was surprised and said, “What happened? Why did you wake up so early? Please rest little bit more!”
I am not permitted to reveal the names of the people whom I saw in hell even to my wife… I will have to live the rest of my whole life with this knowledge to myself. I am living my daily life with reverential fear and trembling. More than anyone, I am realistically realizing the word of the Lord that said, “Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.”
True repentance will bring forth fruits. If a saved person commits the sin of adultery, he/she will not enter into heaven. Why? This person is a liar and adulterer. These type of people sins habitually, and they also habitually repent for the same sin. They repeat the cycle. This is a fearful thing. They need to be determined to cut off their sins! There are sins that we sin due to our weakness but I am talking about the sins that you know that you need to cut off but have not yet determined to do so.
If you were a Christian for a longer period than others, the Lord will deal with you more fearfully. “Romans 10:9-10 (NLT) 9 If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.”
The Lord said this verse is kindergarten level teaching. If you have no fear of God and no trembling, you are under a frightening curse! The outer appearance of salvation looks easy, but the content of salvation is difficult. It is complicatedly intertwined.
Observe the books of Galatians and Corinthians. You will see the list of sins that the Lord has given and those who commit such sins will not enter into the kingdom of God. When I read those verses, I am so fearful. Why? Because I first observe myself and I apply it to myself. For this reason, each time I pray, I pray like never before. I pray to God with all my being. I pray to God to kill my flesh! But many people think easily of salvation. They act recklessly. They must not do so. The fear of the Lord and trembling is your lifeline, and you need to work out your salvation.
In a minefield, the mines are all hidden. You would not be able to see them. If you even make a one mistake in your step, you will blow up. In order to safely cross the minefield, you need to have a mine detector. With the help of an expert in mine detecting with a mine detecting device, you will need to carefully move one step at a time. This is the content of our salvation. Let us yield, submit, to each other with one mind and this is what saved people must do.
How will you meet the Lord in a one hour church service? But, just because you suddenly start praying for five hours does not mean you will meet the Lord. I have accumulated my prayers ever since I was teenager. Therefore, now, I am in this position. Whenever I hold abroad fire revival conferences, I make them pray and do long hours of church services. Then God will move to work greatly. Most Korean churches are satisfied with one hour church services.
These churches preach something that are not related to what the Lord desires! God desires to do things within the churches, but the churches do not know what the Lord desires! The Holy Spirit provides His “energy” to the churches and to individual Christians. When we pray and meditate the Word of God, the Holy Spirit will continuously provide His “energy” to us.
Let us be alert and awaken! The church with many or few people does not mean a thing. The importance of the church is to preach the spiritual message, and with the spiritual message the people need to repent.
The Lord said to me, “If you receive all that I have given to you and repent, you will gain the overflowing work of the Holy Spirit. Many souls will be restored”.
God has shown me a list of names who are heading towards hell yet they are still alive on the earth. These christians are attending church services and living a faith life of their own. But their names are on the list of hell.
The evil spirits ridiculed and said, “Hahahaha! These “christians” living their lives not knowing that they are heading to hell! Good, good, good, good! Constantly attack these christians, send more evil spirits! Satan is continuously sending his subordinates with special missions. They are making christians drink, smoke, and to commit all kinds of wicked acts. So many christians have no relation or ideal to the content of salvation.
Satan has commanded, “Let them continuously watch TV. Let them continuously be on the computers and put pornography in their view. Once they start watching porn, make them crazy about it!”
Even the series of drama, and other programs have very strong addiction.
You do not know all the spirits hiding within you. If the spirits within you works together with Satan, no one knows how or what you will do. Therefore, we need to be continuously alert and awaken! It is alright to take care of your bodies and dress nicely. But do it properly without going over the line. If these things are excessively done, you will also go to hell. Be awaken and alert with the heart of repentance! When you praise, pray, worship, attend church service and give offerings, you need to do it with all your life and whole being. The days of the gentile’s harvesting or threshing is almost near the end. But no one knows if the seven years of tribulation will come next, or if the days of collaboration between the Israelites and gentiles will come first. Nobody knows. No one has the ability to foretell the future. Our job is to repent before the Lord, praying with all our hearts, and to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and harvest souls. These people will be preciously used in the last days.

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