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Whether You Believe in Hell or Not-It Still Exists – LynL

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Whether You Believe in Hell or Not-It Still Exists

September 15, 2023 4:24 PM


Many will enter into their final phase of life and not even know they are headed in the direction to Hell.
Many of my children believe in a Heaven and have concluded they are going there. They don’t read the Holy Bible to find out what rules and commandments are necessary for entrance. They aren’t the nicest people you have ever met. Even though they believe in Heaven, they don’t think there is a Hell. Hell in their mind, is a fairy tale, a myth that has been made up.
Heaven is the “Good Place”, and Hell is the “bad place”. These are direct opposites. I do not reward my children to go to Heaven if they do not follow me and the requirements needed to go to Heaven. Sin is part of Satan’s Kingdom. His requirements for entrance are almost non-existent. You can do what you want, whenever you want, and you still will qualify to get into Hell. There are only two destinations when you die. Your soul either makes it to Heaven or makes it to Hell.
Whether you believe in Hell or not, it still exists. Many will be sadly woken-up to an eternity of loneliness, torture, pain, mental anguish, sadness and this goes on forever. The torture that Hell is known for is not of this world and by all Earthly terms can’t be described very well. How do you describe a color that you have never seen? How do you explain a sadness you have never felt? How do you explain an eternity that time does not separate and keeps going endlessly? You can’t. Hell will be more real than your life on Earth.
I can warn, but only you bring yourselves to that final destination, you will reside in. Repent of all sin and do not go back to it. Read my word and pray daily. Be part of what you want to become part of.


Those of my children who think there will be no consequences for their actions in life, will be sadly mistaken. For every action, there is a reaction. This will be no different. What you sow is what you will reap.
My rules and commandments are plainly spelled out. There are no secrets as to the conduct that befits a man. You may believe that man can pick and choose what is important to them, but I Am God, and I make the rules men live by. You may think you can pick and choose the God of your liking, and all will conform to your standards, but this is not how it works.
I have no favorites; all are judged similarly. You must conform to my Kingdom because I will not conform to the Kingdom you have set up for yourself.
Repentance is your first step to Salvation. Get rid of all that pride that has been stuck to your soul (flesh) for such a long time. Know that I Am the only, one and true God. You were made for my glorification, not the other way around.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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