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Final Destination: Heaven or Hell, Your Choice – LynL

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Final Destination: Heaven or Hell, Your Choice

November 10, 2023 10:58 PM

I traverse the Earth to find my chosen few, for they reside everywhere, though they are minor in number. Each is ready to take their role, for they are refined like gold. I will take them to new levels they could not have even imagined.
Together we will change the course of human history, changing all in our path. No matter where we are, the light of the soul, will emanate goodness, love, humbleness, and kindness. Each will see my qualities in the chosen and will know my Kingdom waits for them with open arms.
Each person will have decisions to make after their encounters. Will they turn to righteousness, or will they stay in sin? Only that child will be able to make the decisions that will bring them to a place of rest or a place of continual turmoil and grief. I Am a fair God that gives all a chance to change, if necessary. But I Am does not control free will. So, it is your decision where you will reside. Be careful the direction you take, for your soul is on the line.

Those of my children who continue in sin will be confronted with a diving board into the abyss. As they go down the deep dark hole into darkness, never imagined, they will fall a great distance. Sounds of screaming, pleading and the smell of fear and putrid death permeates the caverns, walls and crevasses of each compartment. As they reach their final resting place their confusion will turn to horror, for there is no way out. As a 20-foot giant, grotesque in nature, hovers over them, they will most likely hear the phrase, “I Got You” (referring to their soul).
For only those awake to God’s presence can line up their actions on Earth to comply to God’s rules and mandates. Sin is an anchor, that brings you to the depths of Earth (and below).
God has provided numerous warnings, in many forms, but most do not listen. Your resting place is contingent upon your life and actions on Earth. You can only have one Father. Those on the fence, must make a choice. For two Fathers (Father or father) are an impossibility.

I ask for repentance, I ask for your sins to be part of your past, I ask for your praise and worship, I ask for you to read my word. I ask, I lead, I inform, I provide you prophets, I tell you time is short, I do what I can to wake you up. But what I see is few who change directions. I see the same actions taken by the same people. Most are oblivious to all warnings and pleas. Your sins have become part of you. There is no more time for change, that will wake you up. No more suggestions, for they fall on deaf ears. You will soon wake to your new reality.

My heart if full of grief for those who will not find me, those who refuse Salvation. They have chosen another father, the father of lies. They have been reeled in by the one that is not of me. Each will pay their eternities with regret, remorse and perpetual sadness. I can only warn for their decisions are final upon their death. Their soul, at that point in time, has been captured by the enemy. They will be forgotten by those who once loved them, for they belong in a different realm (dimension) now.
All judgements are final and what you have chosen (by your actions) cannot be changed. I Am your true Father, but you chose me not.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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