The Losses | Soon – Ruth Johnson

The Losses

Nov 26, 2019 4:22 PM
Ruth Johnson
O Lord! The losses!
The crushing blows!
O Lord! The crosses
That did not hold!
In the end times all will unfold,
The curtain will lift,
The Truth will be told,
Revealed to slaves
Of a system so vile,
Our children sacrificial,
Our dear earth defiled.
My cup runneth over,
My God, my Abundance,
My fish and my bread,
Much more than is needed.
My children are safe,
My cupboards not bare,
Do I need more proof
That You are there?
But, O Lord, the losses!
The cries of despair!
That we all learned so well
From the spirit of the air.
O Lord, the losses!
The stripes we all wear,
To Yours, our dear Brother,
Can never compare.
Three days and three nights
The world held its breath
Three days and three nights
Dreaming of death.
O Lord, the losses!
Soon overcome,
By Your sweet Nature,
And Your Blessed Son.



They have stolen our children
They have eaten them raw
After endless torture
To fulfill satan’s law
he cannot create a life of his own
So he robs us of ours
Then burns their bones
They have polluted our air
And made it unbreathable
They have poisoned our water
And made it undrinkable
They have put us on drugs
And things so unspeakable
Nanobots computer chips
To make our minds readable
Our sunsets are ugly
Our sunrises show dirt
That hangs in the air
Then falls to the earth
The sun is not ours
The moon is not either
They look one and the same
Like an unholy birth
They have stolen our minds
From a very young age
And made us believe
We are not in a cage
That we have the freedom
To do as we choose
Then they channel our energy
And we always lose.
Lord, this is our earth,
You gave it to us,
Not to the horrors
Dwelling under its crust!
They are robbers and killers,
Sick, soulless scum!
O Lord! Please!
Send them on the run!!!
We are not mighty!
And we gave it away!
But Eve was so young,
And all led astray.
But we are now older
Our eyes are more open
And we know it is You, Lord,
We place all of our Hope in!
Oh, take them away, Lord,
Before it’s too late!
The air full of poison,
The folks full of hate!
Oh, take it away, Lord,
Our children cry out!
They have stolen our blood,
They have filled us with doubt!
Soon, oh soon, My Lord, soon
The sun will be back,
And so will the moon
Our children will play
On our earth so clean,
Our foes slain by their own
Swords and demeaned.
Soon, my Lord, soon,
Your promise will stand
As it has through the ages,
You will heal this land.
You will bring back the souls
Lost to those beasts
And we will rejoice
And we will have Feasts.
We will be merry and festive and true,
We will see victory
Coming from You!
From Your Great Throne
Clear water will flow,
The air will be pure,
Our children will grow,
They will love Your Creation,
You have always Loved them,
They will accomplish great feats
And no longer pretend
It was them who were wrong,
They will learn a new song.
O Lord Almighty!
Ancient of Days!
Jehovah, Our God,
We give endless Praise!
O Jesus, our Lord,
Our Sword and our Shield!
So soon, oh, so soon,
This earth will be healed!

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