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The Lord has given unto us power over all the power of the enemy! – McKana

Illustration (1866) by Gustave Doré for Paradise Lost
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The Lord has given unto us power over all the power of the enemy!

April 7, 2022 2:46 PM


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April 7, 2022

Luke 10:19-20(KJV)
19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
20 Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.

For light there is darkness, for good there is evil, for carnal there is spiritual, for heaven there is hell, for the time, there is a of two times, where good and evil happening at the same time.

We are given many revelations in kind. Through our life and in these late hours, the struggle between the forces of light and darkness is getting intense, more sever.

In order not to create fear, I have avoided for long to tell about the dark world and the struggle I have endured. In the last ten years, the darkness and the struggles I encountered outnumbers the good things revealed to me. In most of the revelations, the Lord has taken fear out from me. In same cases the forces of darkness are manifested in their read dreadful nature. True, fear is lack of faith. We fear the Lord, Almighty God, nothing else. Fear is not from the Lord but from the enemy. We are not expected to fear. As it is written, the Lord didn’t give us the spirit of fear

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7(KJV).

It is good to know that there are specific, assigned evil spirits of fear, out in the world to snare humanity, fear, phobia of every kind. Some fear darkness, some fear spiders/insects, some fear to eat food outside their homes, some fear needles some fear even water etc etc.

When giving these messages, it is to make the point clear that the world out there is a world of carnal as well as of spiritual nature and the spirit world of good and evil are in constant struggle. Our victory is won, there is nothing to fear. At the same time, in order to engage in the struggle which we face every day of our life, we need to realize how the forces of darkness manifest themselves and work. To fight the good fight, know your enemy. Some don’t even want to acknowledge the existence of the two worlds, a big deception by itself. The enemy we face is not ideal, fictitious, it is real.

The forces of darkness are organized in their hierarchy to hurt us working ceaselessly in tandem, moving in synchronized order to destroy humanity. Looking deep in to their network of evil, they are not seen fighting each other but organized for one end as one evil spirit. Their power might be different according to the status, hierarchy and assignment but the end of their evil is one, to send all humanity to hell forever. I have seen them all, I know them well, the reason for the intense sever attacks. . To know them is to know their evil nature working as one and to know their end goal is to fight the good fight of faith. We have our weapons, the weapons of the Gospel. This short summary will give a small light as to how these forces of darkness manifest, (most of the messages are delivered earlier, these are just few from the files). They are the true manifestation of the descending darkness from the heavens. These are not the old times, the world is fast and dramatically changing by the day and the attacks are getting more sever. Darkness is sin, sin is death and death is the lake of fire of hell, forever.

The webs of the evil exposed.
(Revelations of May 28, 2020 4:16AM)

At 3:00AM:-

I saw a web, a web of curved, dark, thin fibers, running like a net in a body of water for fishing. It looks like a spider web but the individual curved dark net of fibers are not connected. They are one body, not connected but form a structure like a dome with a pointed tip at the top. The moment I saw it, it is gone. Not something I forget. Then I slept back. It was a chaotic moment too.

At 4:16 AM:-

In my dream, almost awake, I said, “these are demons. Evil spirits, don’t be deceived, these are demons” and a number of times I said “The Lord will fight our fight.” I felt some one has seen the webs I saw almost an hour ago and I heard words of explanations. I heard the voice say “The webs are exposed, the webs are exposed, their intricate webs are exposed.” I heard the voice say many things. At the moment I understood them, I said I will remember them, left them for the morning. When I stated thinking about them, what I can recall is only what I heard the voice said about the exposition of their intricate webs. Before I forget what I know now, I woke up and noted what I remember. I would have forgotten about it as a whole in the morning, which I do in most of the cases. By the time I wake up, all the chaos and the nuisance is gone and the evil spirits have retreated after the voice of the one who spoke about their nature.

The evil spirits operate in unity and sometimes alone in hiding.

They have their evil network like what King David described as “The assembly of the wicked
Hoards of demons and evil spirits attacking in the time no one suspects..

“For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish. Psalm 1:6(KJV)

At the end, the ways of the evil shall perish forever.
Dear Lord, Deliver us from evil for Your names sake!
Deliver us from the chaos and the evil of the enemy.

The Fallen Angels from the clouds to the ground.

(Dream Vision of March 22, 2019. 3:00AM)

I see a majestic Lion high up on the clouds. I saw the Lion is above his neck, good looking with golden hair on the shoulder. He looks proud and has stern eyes. Then, to his right on the lower clouds, I see two, three lions but in the dark cloud. Then, to the right of them all I see are lined up all sorts of birds, big and small, way up in grey color.

Then comes “aliens” of all sorts of animals on the ground, coming to us. There are few of us and those creatures are on a very long line coming toward us. They are in grey, little darker colors. They look humans but they are creatures of all sorts. I want to take a picture and I am focusing my cellphone, taking videos. One of the creatures is coming head on and strikes the glass of the cellphone, again and again. This entity is shaped like a fish but fearless and striking the mirror of the cellphone. I said, I got it! living evidence in a video. Then, I knew they are all not up to any good. A parade of demonic entities, they are.

From the sky, to the ground, heading towards us.
This is the third, fourth time I see evil spirts, the first is the fallen running in the sky like attack dogs.
The fallen angles they are, in all form and kind.
Dear Lord-deliver us from evil! Amen

The devil on the clouds with a sword.
(Vision of March 8, 2019 ~3:00AM)

Two Dreams, (the second dream is omitted, personal)

Way above the clouds, I see the devil with a sword on his right hand. He looks like dark cloud in perfect look of humans but it is the dark evil devil. He is running, like a marathon runner with the flam of torch, the sword in his hand, from the East, towards the West, above us. He is in a mission of destruction.

I can see the furiousness, the hurry and determination in this evil enemy. I see it, still fixed in my memory, the darkness and the sword, human size but big, the evil devil it is. Is this thing coming for me? I questioned but looks it is heading to a far destination, to the west.

The sound of war Trumpet. War
(Dream vision of February 18, 2019)

I am in a very strange places, inside a building with many many stairs and strange human like but demonic beings, fighting. I am in a place which I have never been before and unknown to me before, very strange. I am facing this, that, here and there, no peace from one struggle to another. I am holding a heavy metallic baseball bat, striking the strange beings on the head, throwing down one of them from the high raise stairs. No peace but here some struggle there another. I am struggling to wake up out of it. I don’t know any one of those evil things I am struggling with. They look like hum and, mannequins and hardy hardy ones but they are running and weak in resistance. The power of God in us. It is chaos and there are other in the field too but I was busy occupied with the struggle. I felt heavily loaded and oppressed. I wanted to wake up but before I woke up I hear the sound of thin trumpets, like war trumpets trrruuum, trrum terrum. I know we got help. I know my friendly angels from last time. I woke up and I am feeling extremely exhausted, tired and drained. My brain is barely functioning. What a night

I don’t want to encounter this kind of terrible encounter and struggle.

But, I am alive now.
Holy Holy Holy!!
Lord have mercy!
Deliver us from evil.

From the forces of darkness and his evil entities.

The dark smoke on our way, the evil entities and the escape!!!
(Dream vision of January 17, 2019 2:30AM)

I am on the road. I see motor bikes on the right side of the road coming head on, against us. First, they look human and normal size, then as they approach us driving fearlessly head on, against us, I see they are small beings, less than humans almost half the size of human. I moved to the left side of the street trying to avoid them. Dust cloud rose from their side and the dust cloud turned into a chocking dark smoke. I have a hard time breathing and moving foreword. I said to myself, “I can fly” and moved my hands like wings and ascended up. I moved, ascended up and up, away from the chocking and frightening dark very dark smoke and came to a clear and even brighter space high up on the clouds. Then I knew I am safe

The devil and his hoards of demons blocking our way
Lord have mercy

Deliver us from evil!!!

The Giants among the people.
(Vision of October 18, 2020 past midnight)

I see giants among people. I see normal people and among them I see very tale people, very tall. I see these giants among people in three and more different places. They look humans, dresses like human and but very tall 8-10 feet tall. They can be seen prominently from a distance way up from the Hight of normal people. Men are dwarfs compared to their tallness.

In many visions I have seen many hideous, skinny “kulum” like ugly contorting and twisted beings. These are different, tall, very tall.

Are they already here or am I seeing what is coming, the later.

Lord have mercy.

The Chaotic Nephelines!
(Dream vision of December 31, 2020 3:30AM)

In my dream, I made a call thinking of someone I know. In the other end a young lady I know from my childhood picked the phone. She said something strange. I didn’t hear her well and I said ehh? She said again “Nephelines” and continues “I don’t know what to do with the Nephelines, there are Nephelines around.” When I heard the lady said “Nephelines” I felt demons, cruel, scoffing, tormenting evil things combined in one. I was disturbed and started saying “Tell us Jesus, what shall we do, tell us!!” I woke up repeating the same word and I felt my head hurting bad from the chaos of these things. “The Nephelines.” with their demon friends, the masters of chaos are the ones hurting me this long.

The name is the name of a lady I know when I was very young, from my elementary school years. How did it came, I have no idea. It might have another meaning. The young girl doesn’t know of “Nepheline”, she is here to tell me what has been disturbing, tormenting me for long.

The ‘Nephelines” and the demons are receiving instruction from their masters to create chaos and torment the children of the Lord, I understood.
It was around 2016. I was in same place where people who can’t support themselves were being taken care of. All have different cases, physical mental etc. Some of them are mentally compromised, live in a different world of the making of the enemy. The Lord, when He visit me, as He does frequently, saw the conditions of these people who need help, specially in reference to the mentally compromised, said “Do you see what he(the devil) has done to them?” I understood what the Lord said but does the world realize these people need spiritual healing?

Dear Lord, give us the knowledge, the understanding, the gift of the holy spirit for discerning the spirits and arm us with all we need to fight the good fight at this final hours of the end of times. In Jesus holy name, we pray. Amen!

Use the armor of the Gospel, the word of God!

The word of God is our sword!

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