The Kingdom Must Fall: Clock starts now – Amanda White

The Kingdom Must Fall: Clock starts now

February 20, 2021 1:55 AM
Amanda White

10:42 PM on 2.19.21

“The leaders of your great nation (America) have bit off more than they can chew, as my children like to say. They dig themselves deeper and deeper as holes in the ground filled with lies, deceitful acts, prejudice, witchcraft, satan worshipping, and several other fowl acts that disgust me. For am I not their Creator, yet they spit in my face with arrogance, pride, greed and lust? They think they have won with Biden as their acting President, but I tell you now daughter, tell my people I am still in charge. I AM will not allow the Cabal to run this country into the ground much longer. For all their fowl acts, I have a war raging against them, and my warrior angels are ready to attack in less than a snap of my fingers; as instant as a blink of my eyes. Biden is acting as President on the stage, for the citizen audience. But I say to you, little one, how many lies will you believe of this stunt, this ploy that was faulty and falsely claimed as presidency and “Kingdom Ruler”. America needs me to rule them, not some actor being puppeteered and fed lines. How many lies will my people believe before realizing the truth that is right in front of them. Held just below the surface are demons that control the dark’s “master plan”. Have you seen their plan, dear one? HA! Plan? That’s a sad excuse of a plan, of all the plans I have seen the enemy come up with. Pulling every trick out of his hat that he has left. But I say to you, my daughter, it is as I have said from the beginning. It is a stunt, a ploy, a grand theater, an act that has run out of lines. Their ‘stage hands’ are running in chaos in the background, for when I say LIGHTS OUT, they panic. They realize yet again that I, YAH, am in full control. I alone command the winds, the waves, the sun, the Earth, Heaven and all- yet their pitiful attempts at winning this spiritual war, this delayed battle that should have ended long ago, gives them hope to take over my Kingdom. HA! As if the Prince of Darkness can touch my power- wait until he experiences my FULL WRATH! For I am done with his evil deeds, his corruptions against my creations- from the start he has been a thorn in my side. ENOUGH, I say! My church’s chains shall be broken! My enemies will instead be devoured in executions and eternal shackles. For this I say to you daughter, the storm must get worse before it gets better. BRACE YOURSELF. BE PREPARED. For the mass war has begun, and the storm will grow to its peak of chaos before I dwindle my wrath and expose the truth to the world and my children. Stay in your “bunker” and hunker down (somewhere safe, and fully enamored in your Lord), for this is the appointed time to listen to all my past warnings. The Kingdom must fall for the goodness of the GREAT AWAKENING to conquer. Tell my people it is time! The clock starts now.”

Habakkuk 3
Zephaniah 1

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