The joy of revealing comes next – Whitney Eslick Manuel

The joy of revealing comes next

August 14, 2023 2:50 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

Given On August 13, 2023 Around 1pm

“Write for Me, My Beloved Whitney. Write these verses for your Beloved KING. Compose a song sent from Heaven above. Sent from Heaven above down with the greatest of love. Sleep sweet in My arms of love and tenderness. Rest well betwixt My majestic bosom of power and might. All is well for you. All will remain well for you. For you are My Beloved. My most Beloved Bride. Your FATHER has given you to Me as My own, My glorious Bride. He chose you for Me. He bought you for Me with His own blood. My blood. Your FATHER and Mine did this for you and for Me— for Us. Are you ready to be “Us”? I AM. Are you ready to unite forever, in form and purpose for Our will forever? You will be Mine and I will also be yours forever and ever with no end. Our love lasts forever and grows in sweetness. Our perfect will will be done with no interruption. All that is Mine will become yours on that day. My every desire, My every thought, every intent, plan and purpose will be shared and fused with you. This is how We become one in form and purpose. No more blurred lines. No more divergent thoughts or ways. It will then be Our way. Oh, how I have longed and awaited this glorious day! All your brothers and sisters who are part of the Bride are being told of these things. Our hearts have already begun uniting in form and purpose. Tell My Bride I AM coming. I come for My waiting Bride. The wait is, even now, all but over. I have come. I AM here. There is only the revealing left to accomplish all these things. I will reveal Myself to you. I will reveal Myself in you. All is now being revealed. How I love you! And how I know My Bride loves Me. We will wear Our love forever in the sight of all men. Our love will be on display forever with no end. This is Our happily ever after and this will bring joy to all of Heaven. Here is the joy of the witnesses, the Great Cloud. I AM here. Don’t worry or fret. I AM already here. The joy of revealing comes next.”

Read with Psalm 118



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