Prophecy, Three Days of Darkness

The Illuminated Ones – Sister Gwendolen Rix

The Illuminated Ones
A Prophetic Word from Messenger G. Rix

It will be a day like none other. Or will it be a “night” like none other? It will be during the three days of darkness that some very magical events take place all across the earth. During a very powerful conversation with my Lord and Savior this afternoon, he wanted to share with the Bride some newer information regarding what he calls “The Grandest Illumination of All Time!” It will be far greater in its significance than a Christmas tree lighting in some towne square! It will be far greater than some lame Super Bowl half time show! This event will trump every other great event that has ever occurred on the face of the planet at any time in its existence. It is THE GRANDEST OF DAYS. It will last for approximately 72 hours explains the Lord of Hosts.

When we see this mighty event occur across the planet, an asteroid the size of a football stadium hitting the ocean near the waters of Puerto Rico; know that this is the event that ushers in the first set of the two sets of three days of darkness. Yes, that’s right! There are two separate events that cause three days of darkness. The first event is an asteroid. The second event is a manmade nuclear event. I want to make this perfectly clear in order that the Bride of Christ can see why there are so many varying stories about the three days of darkness.

The Lord shared this with me last summer and I sent a prophetic word to Ephraim Rodriguez’s interpreter only to get shot down because it didn’t align with what he was also being shown. We only prophesy in part, people. Only in part. This is the love of our Father in its fullest measure. The enemy stalks the children of God like a salivating lion and wants to know each and every detail in order that he can TRY and have the last laugh. Never! Never in a million years will Lucifer have the last laugh! Our Lord has complete order of this situation and he will truly have the last laugh. He surely will!

I will explain the Grand Illumination as it has been explained to me. This will be the most spectacular supernatural phenomenon. The asteroid will cause the balance of the earth’s poles to shift thus creating darkness and demagnetizing of the earth’s poles. The distance and the evolving of the earth to other objects in outer space will shift greatly. Even some stars in the sky will fall during this event. Be ready to see many fires and many catastrophes simultaneously. The Lord has shown some of his prophets these devastating events. I recently read one from Prophet Kevin Mirasi in which power lines were down and there were buildings on fire. Surely the Lord does nothing without letting his prophets know.

During this darkness the Lord Jesus Christ will walk the earth in his MIGHTY SHOES OF PEACE. Have you ever experienced the true peace of our Savior? I mean TRULY experienced a sudden sobbing and the doors of your heart flying open? He visited me when I was in California for a month last year doing ministry work. He touched my heart in a way that no one could ever imagine. The supernatural doors of my heart flew open and he surveyed everything in there. All the hurt, painful relationships, the deep sorrow that the enemy placed in my life, and the Lord Jesus scoured my heart clean. He said he was walking the earth and waking up the Bride.

He was actually doing two things with me. He was waking up my frozen heart and he was demonstrating to me what the experience for his children will be like during the three days of darkness. Oh, and the mighty rushing wind that came upon my room! That was unbelievable! A mighty rushing wind came into my room at the home where I was staying. It was a powerful calming wind and then Jesus touched my left arm and said, “I ‘ve got to go now, daughter. I have many of my Bride to visit!”
The Lord plans to visit each and every person alive on the planet during these three days of darkness. He plans to demonstrate in real life the possibility of inviting him into your hearts and making it his spiritual home. Can you imagine how happy his face will be when those who have been riding the fence for so long get to experience this ultimate supernatural experience just prior to the rapture of the Bride? Praise God! I know that the experience that I had was so intense that it seems like it was yesterday. Many of our loved ones will indeed come to the fold. Many will be welcomed to the glorious flock of our Eternal Shepherd! We must pray for this event and for our family and friends’ hearts to be prepared for this Great Awakening. Please pray as this is the Lord’s instructions regarding this event.

Another topic I want to address are the supernatural “giftings” of those who will be filled with the light of God. This is a supernatural transformation and will be exclusive to those who were called prior to the beginning of time for this particular purpose. You will be quite surprised when you see who the Lord has chosen to go into the darkness as his end time’s luminaries. You will be very surprised indeed. It may be the old lady who is the check-out clerk at the grocery. It may be the homeless man who had been begging for coins for a hot drink of coffee. Do not be upset if you were not chosen to be one of the illuminated vessels. All the children of God will have very powerful roles to perform in the harvest. It is the testimony of the least of these that will have the greatest impact of the Luke Warm Christians. When the world sees the power of God working in the least of these they will be humbled and cry out upon their knees. They will know that the events that are occurring upon their earth truly signify that something GREAT is about to occur—the gathering of the Bride of Christ.

Some of the tasks that the illuminated ones will be doing will surprise them greatly. Even those who are reading this letter may be disappointed that they were not chosen. The shyest persons will be preaching to large crowds at stadiums. The previously crippled ones who were chosen to be illuminated will actually be healing the sick and causing the blind to see. It will be the greatest manifestation of Jesus Christ working throughout the earth at the moments prior to the rapture of the Bride. Demons will be cast out of alcoholics. The abused will be set free. Those who were publicly humiliated for the cause of Christ will be able to shine at this time for their Lord and Savior.

This is all that I will share today on this topic. Perhaps the Lord will share more in a week or two. Let us get ready for the great harvest! If you play an instrument consider gathering some music. If you are someone who likes to bake bread, gather ingredients to make a large volume of it for those who will be walking the streets trying to figure out what just happened across their planet. We are all the hands and feet of Jesus Christ–illuminated or not!

Sister Gwendolen Rix

Isaiah 60:1-2
1″Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. 2″For behold, darkness will cover the earth And deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you And His glory will appear upon you.


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