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His Princess Bride

The Hour You Think Not
July 13, 2017

This morning in prayer, the Lord spoke these words. I pray we all heed as He speaks and hearken diligently to His call to repent.

Be aware of what is come.
It has creeped up stealthily all along.
The hour truly is at hand.
Come away with Me, My lovelies,
to the Promised Land.

There are many things that will take place now, such as was not seen before. Earthquakes and eruptions, plagues and turmoil, chaos and confusion, wars at every turn. Nothing has been experienced like what is taking place now.

Indeed, unrest will be so severe, leading to uprisings of every kind; and just when they think one is over, another will begin. There will be no peace, no peace throughout the land. The time of great shaking is come.

My daughter, we must get you prepared for what is come. Fully suited up, My lamps shall be the light in the darkness that has closed in. No longer shall you be trampled by they who believed not. It all changes this day.

The sweeping rains now comes through, pouring out desolation on a land of affliction. Wickedness has prevailed, but alas, it is enough. Now I arise to tend to the matters at hand. I rise up and give reward after reward to each man according to what he has done.

Many will be upset, angry even over their harvest, but how can they expect to reap something they didn’t sow? Now the Day of Judgment issued from the courts of heaven has come. Make no mistake, it is that time, says the Lord.

Get ready to hear the trumpet. At its blast, you shall know what to do. Get ready, get ready, and watch.

Scriptures given: Matthew 24 (whole chapter), Joel 2 (whole chapter), Isaiah 13 (whole chapter)

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