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THE  FREQUENCY – Debra Mattix



May 18, 2021
Debra Mattix

The Lord speaks to me in dreams often, and has for many years. Last night I had what I feel is a warning dream to come to those who have taken the jab.

In the dream I saw a frequency in the air, I don’t know how else to describe it. I saw a knob on a control panel, and someone controlling it. Did not see who they were, but I knew they were wicked and evil because of what they were doing. Their plans were to begin testing the frequency in different areas. When they turned the knob on……..

I could suddenly see many people, and I was able to see inside them. There were tons of these micro things inside those that took the shot, and they came to life and began moving inside them. When the knob was set on low, the injected people began to get aggravated and angry and hateful. It was obvious something changed in them. But in some other areas, the knob was turned up higher. When the frequencies hit those people that were injected, they became completely mad. The only way I can describe it was they were like animals, they didn’t act human anymore.

This dream was very disturbing to me because I have loved ones that have taken this abomination, even after warning them. All I can say is that if you have not taken it, don’t take it. It is not what they are telling you, they are lying. And for those of you who wish to mock me, go right ahead, because you are fulfilling prophecy with mocking and scoffing.

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